How to measure dog collar size

Measuring a Dog. How to measure dog collar size.

There are different types of dog collars according to the material they are made of, intended use and features. We will describe how to choose the best fit collar for your dog to use it with comfort and to protect you from need to exchange the chosen size for another one and enjoy it at once.

Dog collar with buckle

how to choose dog collar size

1. Write the exact neck size (circumference) of your dog without adding any notion.

2. The neck size is the size of the dog collar at the center hole (C). You will surely have additional holes each on the distance in one inch to regulate its size if your dog grows (D, E) or gains/loses (A, B) weight.

3. If your dog is young or a puppy, take into account that it will grow and write us the age, breed and sex of your dog.

Dog choke collar size

measuring dog choke collar size

1. Turn your attention, that choke collar is taken on a dog through its head. Please, don't forget to write us dog neck circumference in its widest area (along the ears and under the snout as you see at the picture).

2. Write the exact neck size (circumference) of your dog without adding any notion.

3. Add 2-3 inches to the neck circumference of your dog - it will be the the size of choke collar you need for your dog.

Measuring a dog for prong collar

1. Remember, that prong collar should be worn on dog neck right below its snout, not low on the neck. To choose a prong collar for dog, measure its neck size right under its jaws. The size of dog prong collar should be accurate as its neck size behind the dog's ears and under the jaw line.

2. Turn your attention to the wire gauge of the prong collar. There are different wire gauges recommended by specialists for definite dog breeds according to their strength and weight.