K9 Training Dog Harness | Non-Pull Dog Harness Best Price!

I have an out of control Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldogge that I recently rescued and was very aggressive on the lead towards other dogs and had no manners, as soon as I put this harness on I had complete control of her and in only a couple of days of training with this harness I am seeing massive improvements, the front ring is great as she seems to know she can't pull forward so for the first time I have been able to walk her without her halti which is great as she has fun on the walks now and I don’t get my arm pulled off. Still have a way to go with her training but with this harness it is going to be enjoyable for both of us.

Overall a great harness and for the money it was a bargain, would definitely recommend it.

Julie Brunton, 05/25/2012
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