How To Celebrate New Year 2018


How To Celebrate New Year 2018

New Year 2018 - The Dog's Year by Chinese Calendar

soft padded leather dog collar for large breedsDo You know that the symbol of the New Year 2018 is a dog? What does the coming year brings us? According to the Chinese calendar the symbol of the year is a yellow dog. Everyone is waiting for the New Year as the beginning of a new stage in his life, full of wishes, expectations and plans. To make them true and let the symbol of the year support you read our advice for the New Year celebration.

What does the New Year 2018 brings us?

A dog is a family member and a friendly living being. The year with this symbol is good to create and manage friendly relationships, family and to give a birth. The influence of the new symbol is powerful and is considered to change people's features and character, create new ideas and wishes that were not inherent to people previously. It is a wish to create stable relationships, create a family or to become parents.

A dog is an active being and this year will be successful for hard-working people. If you put efforts you will get results. But dogs are also impulsive creatures. They may feel laziness and be naughty at times. But do not do not succumb to these feelings and you will get success and realize your plans.

How to celebrate the New Year 2018?

It is recommended to meet this New Year's Eve in a family circle or with close friends. It is good to gather all the family at one table. You may celebrate it not too pathetic and richly, but cozy and at home.

What to wear to be lucky in the new year 2018?

It is the year of a yellow dog, so yellow and golden colors and shades are preferable. Sand, olive, creamy, ivory, champagne and milk are possible as neutral colors for the year of a dog. The New Year's clothes should be simple, moderate and not too bright or showy. Be elegant and modest. Your party dress may include some fur elements. It is not recommended to wear red color. It is a symbol of fire that dogs are afraid of. Do not frighten your luck ;)


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What to cook for the New Year's Eve party?

A dog is an unpretentious being. The dishes should be simple and nutritious. Of course there will be meat dishes. Any dog loves it. You may be original and make dishes and cakes in a dog-shape.

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