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Fur Saver Collar with Toggle | Choke Chain Collar for Dogs

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Fur Saver Collar with toggle, anti-rust chromium-plating by Herm Sprenger

Fur Saver Collar for dogs training and walking with chromium plated chain is a reliable, attractive and effective tool. It is made of high quality steel with upper layer of chromium with nickel alloy, that protects a collar from rust and adds it glance.

The links of the chain, toggle and O-ring are smooth polished.

This choke chain collar will help you to handle your dog in training and walking in a natural way. The ring glides along the chain and tightens dog neck when it is pulling. Thus, it stops dog from pulling on a leash.

The toggle makes it comfortable to wear a collar on dog's neck not through it's head, as it is usually done with choke collar, but it is easy to unfasten the collar and wear it on dog's neck independent what is it's head circumference. Thus, you may use it for different dogs.

Herm Sprenger specialists recommend chrome-plated chain collars with wire gauge 3.4 mm for these dog breeds: Great Dane, Leonberger, Irish Wolfhound, Rottweiler, Schnauzer and alike dog breeds with weight up to 60 kg.

This dog collar fur saver is safe for both long- and short haired dogs. Optimal length of the links does not tear or entangle dog fur.

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fur saver collar

Choke Chain Collar for dogs with chromium plating, 3.4 mm wire gauge

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chain dog collar

Fur Saver Collar for dogs walking and training with toggle-closure

Key features of this choke chain collar:

  • Chromium plated steel
  • Extra strong
  • Cast O-ring
  • Toggle-closure
  • Light weight

Intended use of this fur saver collar:

  • Walking
  • Training
  • For dogs with weight up to 60 kg
  • For both long- and short-haired dogs

Dimensions and sizes:

  • 20-26" (50-65 cm) long
  • 3.4 mm wire gauge
  • 14 mm wire width
  • weight 3.6 oz-5.5 oz (100-160 g) depending on the size


  • Chromium-plated steel

How to measure your Dog for good fit collar:

choke collar
When choosing a dog collar is important to know that:

  • Write the exact neck size (circumference) and head circumference of your dog without adding any notion. With these notions our specialists will be able to advice you the size of this collar.
  • Add 2-3 inches to the neck circumference of your dog - it will be the the size of choke collar you need for your dog.

Chromium-plated products are outstanding with their high-gloss surface. This result is achieved through the process which gives the collar a special surface polish. This process ensures that the nickel and the chromium layers adhere especially well and the collar has a long lasting protection against rust. The nickel coating durability is additionally tested through a "bending test". If the nickel coating behaves as flexible as required and the coating does not flake off then follows the next step of the production, the manual processing of the chromium plating with the use of the frame.


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