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Bite Sleeve for Young or Adult Dog | Intermediate Bite Sleeve

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Bite Sleeve for Young and Adult Dog Schutzhund Training, Intermediate Bite Sleeve

Bite sleeve for Schutzhund dog training is intended to build a right bite and motivate it to attack. Our bite sleeve is perfect for training a dog to various commands and improving of attack instincts, prey drive and retrieve skills. This bite sleeve is designed the way to control the bite strength.

Bite sleeve of this model protects hand, arm and elbow from strong dog bites.

It fits for young and adult dog, 7-14 months old.

Dog bite sleeve for Schutzhund training is made of high quality non-allergenic materials, that are absolutely safe for health of your dogs. Dog bite sleeve keeps form and restores it quickly after biting. Dog bite sleeve is designed as an intermediate bite sleeve for training of a dog before an advanced bite sleeve.

You may also choose an agitation whip and dog training bamboo stick for a better price together with this jute bite sleeve. The set will help you to train a good working dog and a champion!

bite sleeve

Bite Sleeve for Young Dog Schutzhund Training with French Linen Cover

Key features of this bite sleeve:

  • Made of strong material inside and out
  • French linen cover
  • Soft interior base
  • Hard inner handle for better mobility of this bite sleeve
  • Additional strong elbow protection
  • Handcrafted and reliably stitched
  • Ambidexterous (fits for left and right arm)
  • International Quality Certificate

Intended use:

  • Schutzhund dog training
  • Competitions, Championships
  • Exercising
  • Bite built training
  • Bite and retrieve skills improvement
  • For young dogs
  • For adult dogs
  • For dogs of 7-14 months old

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bite sleeve

Comfortable Schutzhund Bite Sleeve for Dog Training

Special offers in a set with dog bite sleeve! Order a dog training stick or/and whip with discount price! Choose option on the top of this page!

dog training stick
dog training whip
Dog Training Bamboo Stick
Schutzhund-Agitation Whip