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Gorgeous Dog Collar Designs for Shar Pei Dog Perfect Style

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Dog Collar Designs with Flashing Brass Plates, Nickel-Plated Spikes and Pyramids for Shar Pei Dog and Strong Dogs Style and Comfort

Dog collar designs represented at our online dog store are super diverse. You may buy a dog collar for your Shar Pei dog of any style and design. Here we represent sparkling, outstanding leather dog collar designs with glossy spikes, pyramids and plates. All these decorations create a special look of your Shar Pei. These elements of dog collar designs underline dog strength and its original breed. At the same time, the leather dog collar is super soft, safe and comfortable. The new Shar Pei dog collar is made of natural superior quality leather, well-done, smooth polished and waxed. All the designer metal details are smooth polished and reliably fixed by hands of professionals. All the models of leather dog collar designs at our online dog store are handmade. You surely will enjoy the quality and reliability of the dog collar designs for many-many years!

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Leather Dog Collar Designs

Incredible Dog Collar Designs for Perfect Dog Style!

Leather Dog Collar is:

  • Made by hands
  • Genuine leather
  • Decorated with rustproof, smooth polished, glossy metal elements
  • Equipped with a strong D-ring and buckle
  • Easy regulated with a buckle and additional holes

Used for:

  • Shar Pei dog walking
  • Shar Pei dog style
  • Shar Pei dog comfort
  • Dogs of medium and large size
  • Control a dog

Sizes of the Leather Dog Collar:

  • 1.8" wide
  • from 14" to 40" long
  • weight 0.79 lbs (360 g)

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown
  • tan

How to choose a Leather Dog Collar size:

leather dog collar size

Choosing a dog collar size, note, that:
  • Measure dog neck circumference
  • Choose the size of your dog from the dropdown list at the top of the page
  • We will supply you with a collar size, that will correspond to the dog neck size at the central hole (С at the scheme)
  • There are 5 holes at each buckle collar. Thus, you will have 4 additional holes (2 by each side) to regulate dog collar size, if your dog is growing, gaining or losing weight.

Check how Leather Dog Collar Designs with metal decorations looks on Shar Pei Dog
Photos from our Customers

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Shar Pei Leather Dog Collar Designs

Perfect Flashing Dog Style for Your Gorgeous Shar Pei Dog Look!

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