15 Dog Care Tips in Summer

How to take care of a dog in heat?

Summer is an active and joyful season. We spend a lot of time outdoors with our dear four-legged friends. We wish to warn you to avoid some frequently happening problems with dogs in summer at parks, summer cottages, and in travels.

Dog Care Tips in Heat and Summer

What should we be afraid of? 

  • First of all these are ticks. They often transport dangerous infections. Please, do not forget to drop some means for ticks at the withers of your dog.
  • Another danger is aggressive dogs. It is important to walk a dog on a leash and with a muzzle on. You never know how exactly your dog will react to a sudden noise, fireworks, cry of a child, another dogs and animals. In public your dog should be always under your control and protected from biting. Use well-ventilated basket dog muzzles. Look at our bestseller dog muzzle that allows a dog even drink water muzzled:
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  • We recommend to use dog harnesses, that are more comfortable for dogs than collars. They do not tighten dog's neck when a dog suddenly pulls but distribute the loading evenly on a dog chest. They are easy taken, regulated, reliably fastened and do not do any harm for a dog.
  • Use ID-tags or tubes with dog name and your phone number. It will save your dog from loss in active walking and travelling, that are more often in summer.
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  • When you go to a summer cottage take care of the safety of your dog. Look out the territory. Get the address and phone of a local veterinarian.
  • One water bowl at the kitchen is not enough for a dog. Get one more bowl to place it where a dog plays. Take water with when you go for a walk. Remember, that plump dogs and dogs with heart diseases need more water than others.

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  • Never leave a dog in a car alone. It is a huge danger, as closed air in a car heats in minutes.
  • Avoid dog walking in hot day hours. If a dog wines and shivers these are signs of a heat stroke. Urgently get it to a veterinarian.
  • To avoid dog poisoning with its own food get rid of all left food in its dish after a meal. Bacterias grow very quickly in heat. Prepare smaller portions of food.
  • Make regular dog grooming to get rid of dead fur in time. It is important for stable and healthy temperature of dog body.
  • Be attentive in walking to prevent dog eating a toxic plant.
  • Wash and brush your dog in time to eliminate dust and parasites.

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  • Check dog's paws after walking.
  • Take a life vest for a dog if you are going to play in water. Even if your dog is a good swimmer there may be cold streams that may cause convulsions and risk of going down.�
  • If a dog is bitten by a snake put a jute, wash the injure by water with gas or soap and immediately get help of a vet.

Summer vacation is wonderful! Especially if your dear ones are happy and healthy. Take our advices seriously and you will prevent many troubles.

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Enjoy the Summer!

Author: Julia Bosenko, an experienced manager and customer support ForDogTrainers UK dealing with your needs & questions.