Dog Sport. Dog Pulling

Dog Pulling

Dog-pulling is one of the newest kinds of dog sport, competitions in rope pulling. This kind of sport was founded in Russia, the rules were invented by the members of the United Commonwealth of Breeders and Fanciers of American Pit Bull Terrier.
There are allowed dogs older than 10 months to the competitions. The length of rope is 3 m. There are adjusted fasteners on the both edges of the rope, the center of the rope is marked with a contrasting color. Obstacle for start fixation of the rope should be non-transparent and 1 - 1,5 m high.
By the command "Steady" the dogs are lead to the obstacle by both sides and put in front of each other. Dogs may be on loose lead, or without one (as the owners wish). By the command "Ready" an assistant puts a rope on the obstacle, right on the center. It must hang down by both sides of the obstacle. Handlers take a rope in a hand and by the command "Go" let the dogs closer.
After the finish command a dog must catch with teeth the fastener and pull it from the obstacle. Every handler can ask for 2 tries. A dog, that drops the fastener first or touches the obstacle with any part of its body, is announced a loser.
Every competitor gets points, independently of the result of the competition: 10 seconds - 1 point (time is measured in the bigger side). The winner also gets additional "winner's" 10 points.
Penalty points are counted for:
- pulling of a dog with a lead, or any other help to a dog - 3 points;
- unethical behavior in attitude to another competitor - 3 points;
- provoking of fight etc. - 30 points and disqualification.

weight pulling dog harness

Weight pulling dog harness