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The Beagle is a breed of small to medium-sized dog. A member of the Hound Group, it is similar in appearance to the Foxhound, but smaller with shorter legs and longer, softer ears. Beagles are scent hounds, developed primarily for tracking hare, rabbit, and other small game. They have a great sense of smell and tracking instinct that sees them employed as detection dogs for prohibited agricultural imports and foodstuffs in quarantine around the world. Beagles are intelligent, and popular pets because of their size, even temper, and lack of inherited health problems.

Beagle History

Beagle presupposed ancestors with the same purpose and size may be found in ancient ages in Greece.

Modern Beagle history may derive from the 11th century, when William the Conqueror brought the Talbot hound to Britain. It was a scent hound of white color derived from the St.Hubert Hound (bred in 8th century). The cross of the English Talbots with Greyhounds gave rise to the Southern Hound, from which the modern-day Beagle is supposed to derive.

Beagle was also used from Medieval times as a common name for small hounds. Those dogs much differed from the modern Beagle. Those miniature dog breeds of beagle-type dogs were known as Glove Beagles, Pocket Beagles, as they were able to fit on a glove or fit in a pocket or saddlebag, in which they be brought to the hunt. First the large hounds ran the prey to ground, and then the small dogs were released and followed the chase through underwood.

Beagle Appearance

Beagle InformationBeagle appearance resembles a miniature Foxhound, though the Beagle head is broader and snout is shorter. Beagle height is usually 13-16 in (33-41 cm) at the withers. They weigh about 18-35 lb (8.2-15.9 kg). Beagle usual appearance features are black (or liver) nose, strong jaw, large eyes of hazel or brown color, long large ears rounded to the end, medium-length neck. Beagle body is broad at the chest and narrower to the waist with a straight tail. The white tail tip was selectively bred to see the dog easy following a scent. Beagle has front legs straight and the rear legs are muscular and bent.

Beagle coat is smooth and hard, medium-long. Tricolor Beagle is most common, though it comes in any hound color.

Beagle Temperament

Beagle hunting nature and history affects these dog to the instinct to chase. But Beagles as pets are very loyal to their family. Beagle and children do very well together at all ages. Beagle temperament is extremely active, cheerful, energetic and happy. Normally Beagle may spend hours walking, playing and rolling around with kids. It makes Beagles perfect family pets to entertain kids and make them best friends with a dog.

However, Beagle breeders should take into account strong beagle hunting instinct. In spite of perfect Beagles as pets, they do not do well with other pets and animals at home (exception are dogs). Beagle will chase any little creature you may have at your household: cats, rabbits, hamsters etc. Putting the smaller pets out of reach will not save the situation. beagle's extraordinary smell will make it not give up the attempts to grab the prey. In this case be ready to the issues of Beagle baying and howling.

It may come along better with cats, if they are raised together and Beagle accustomed to a cat being alongside from the puppy age. Beagles and cats may tolerate each other, ignore or even be friends (in happy cases for the Beagle breeders).

As pack animals, Beagles do well with other dogs.

Beagle Training

Beagle trainingAs an extremely energetic pet, Beagle needs regular training and exercises. It is a really hard work and much time needed to tire Beagle out. Beagle exercises and walking just need to give it enough freedom and space to burn out its enormous energy and calories. Normally, Beagle walking may take 30-60 minutes a day. Your Beagle will be happy if you spend time with him playing fetch, Frisbee, any kind of running and other interactive games.

Daily Beagle training is very important. As not getting enough exercise, Beagle tends to become overweight.

Beagle as a Guard Dog

In spite of its small size, Beagle is very brave and is a perfect family guard. He will always warn you with load barking if there is any danger perceived.

Beagle informationBeagle is very alert and curious. A Beagle handler should be aware of this Beagle feature and prevent "investigating" inappropriate things and take them far of Beagle's reach.

Beagles instinct to follow a scent. To prevent your dog being lost following a scent, it should be on a leash for any outside activity. Check your yard fence for any holes. Or your dog will surely investigate it and likely to go far from the yard through the holes.


Beagle does not like staying home alone. Beagle InformationTo occupy your dog for some time when all people are at work or school, give him a lot of toys of various type, dog balls with treats inside, toys that make noise when squeezed or moved etc. To distract its attention from being alone, you may switch on a TV or radio. It is better to prevent the problem, than cure it. It Beagle will become anxious and bored, it may lead to barking, howling, and distructive behavior issues.

As any dog temperament, beagle puppies are more active and energetic than the adult dogs. Various dogs may differ in temperament. One may need much of your attention and follow you liek ashade, while other will enjoy laying in the sun and playing itself or with other dog daylong alone.

As any dog, Beagle needs attention, affection and care. Love your dog and he will gladly answer you with his devotion, loyalty and a lot of positive emotions!