Do Dogs Feel Cold In Winter?

How do dogs undergo cold in Winter?

The majority of dogs can live outside, work in cold and even sleep in snow without any harm for their health. Of course it does not touch upon small and toy, short-haired dog breeds without undercoat. Many dog owners consider this fact whether a dog feels cold in winter before purchase. It is caused by the possibility of dog to stay outside in winter.

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Fur saves dogs from cold
Wire-haired, short-haired, long-haired dogs with thick undercoat do not feel cold in winter. Of course the temperature level a dog may bear is limited. For example, Caucasian Shepherd dogs are able to bear cold up to -40 C. But of course many dog breeds are not able to undergo such low temperatures. If we consider Northern dog breeds, as Moscow Watchdog, Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Lionberger, Bernese Sennenhound, they prefer living outside in winter, sleep in snow and feel perfectly and more comfortable, than spend winter nights in the house and suffer from heat.

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Take into account, that even representatives of the same dog breed may undergo the same temperatures in a different way. It depends on the circumstances a dog is raised. A dog who lives in apartments feel cold faster than one living outside. Apartment dog spends most of life in warmth and it causes moult. Thus, it bears cold worth than a dog living outside and having more thick undercoat without shedding in winter.
Dogs gain a thick undercoat for winter cold to keep stable body temperature. But dog size influences dog body temperature much greater than fur. It is obvious that large dogs feel cold much slower than small dogs. Dogs without undercoat and short-haired dogs need special dog wear to keep warmth in winter.

We recommend rubber-coated basket dog muzzle and leather dog muzzles for winter period:

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