How to Choose a Dog?

Choosing a dog breed

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How to choose a dog breed? When you decided to get a dog, you should answer a simple question about its temperament and character. Not all future dog owners think over this question. Who cares of dog's character? It is just a dog. It runs, barks - what else?! Why do we need to think of its character...

In fact, the matter is much more complicated. Imagine, that you get a very special room-mate, who will surely (sooner or later) appear to have needs, rights and habits. And you will have to live with it. Whether you accept these rules, or you fight with it for a long time and, moreover, unsuccessfully. It is good if you find mutual understanding. But if you don't? Here you may indignant at such behavior: how could it happen that this living being, which was cared, fed and pampered by me all the time has its own rules, rights and habits? What a ... Stop! Look at the situation from the other point of view. Your do not make friends with people, whose life views, values and character do not coincide with yours. But why does it happen when one chooses a dog? Then one complains of barking of Zwerg that provokes headache (Only imagine, but it was a nice cheerful puppy when one chose it! How can it make so much problems now?). The other one complains that his Chow-Chow ignores commands and owner. All such situations appear because many owners do not think over dog breed's temperament and habits, character and other nuances when they choose one. They have made their choice and then they are to complain only of their own irresponsibility.

So, how to define which dog breed will suit your character, temper and needs? Which dog will not irritate or interfere with your lifestyle? First of all give a fair answer to the question: which type of character do you have? You are lazy and calm, or industrious and cheerful, sporty or home-sitter, sociable or reserved...

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Here everything is alike as if you was choosing a life partner. Remember, that you choose a dog-partner, that will follow you every day of its life. Remember, you will be the only friend for this dog and it will need your attention, understanding, care and friendship. You will have to bring up this dog, deal with its temperament, character, specific features of behavior and skills. Ask a breeder about all the features in behavior, training, bringing up, activity, attitude to owner and other people, family and strange people, other dogs and pets at home.

For example, if you have not too fast reaction, dog not get a Doberman. You will not be able to look and handle all moves and actions of this quick and sporty dog. If you have a steel character and strong will - do not choose too obedient Collie, you would better choose a dog with a strong will, powerful and self assured, as you, for example, Rottweiler or Riesenschnauzer.

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Think also over the fact, how close do you want to have your relationships with a dog. There are dogs, following their owners anytime and everywhere, who need constant communication and attention. And also there are types of dog with independent character, able to be alone for a long time. May be a dog who is trying to play and associate with you will irritate you? Or you will be not pleased, if you dog is always on its own at its place, not turning attention to you?

Close friendship between you and your dog is possible only in the case if you meet each-other interests and temperaments. Try to make your relationships as much harmonious as possible. Before taking a dog, get to know its temperament, lifestyle, features of character, habits and attitude to its owner, sport etc. If you do not know these facts, be ready for disappointment, irritation, offenses, which are able to be avoided, if you care of it in time, when choose a dog.

When you are looking for information, it is better to choose specialized books or other sources about a definite dog breed. Reasonable decision will be also to ask a dog owner of the dog breed, who breeds it for a quite long period of time.

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