Starting Dog Agility Training

How to Start Agility Training with Your Dog: Tips, Basics, Obstacles

Do you want to build trusting bonds between you and your dog, to understand each other at a glance? Sure, you do!

Then you need to take up agility training. And while you are thinking whether to go or not, we are telling you about this amazing sport.

Agility for dogs is a sport in which both a dog and his owner are involved. The point is to pass together an obstacle course without making mistakes as quickly as possible.

Handler is the one who participates with a dog in competition, its owner or a professional specialist.

Tervuren Agility Work with Dog Bite ToyContent:

History of dog agility

Basic rules of agility competitions

The secret to success

What dog expert says

Agility obstacles

Agility classes for dogs

History of dog agility

The first agility tricks were shown as an entertainment on January 1, 1078 at the Crufts dog show in England. John Varley offered to hold shows with dogs during intermission to amuse the audience. Animals had to overcome obstacles in the same way as horses pass in equestrian competition.

John together with his companion Peter Minwell created a program of barriers, tunnels and crossbeams, then informed several dogs owners about it, so that they to prepare their pets for the impromptu obstacle course. The show was a great success, and shortly agility became the official sport for dogs.

Molinois Agility Training with Dog Dumbbell ToyBasic rules of agility competitions

1. A dog should be interested in participation: coercion is inappropriate.

2. A pet runs through the obstacles without toys, treats and other rewards.

3. A handler gives directions only by voice and gestures.

4. A handler is not allowed to touch the dog or obstacles.

5. Organizers distribute cards with obstacle strips to the participants. As soon as all agility competitions have different "routes", participants are allowed to take a trial run. This will help to develop right strategy, leading an owner and a dog to the victory.

6. The couple has only one attempt. It's not allowed to overcome a hurdle track several times within the same competition.

7. Jury takes into account the speed, accuracy and technique of passing the obstacle course.

8. When the team makes an error the points are taken away.

The secret to success

Weasel and praise are the only allowed ways to master the pet in competitions. To achieve mutual understanding between owner and a dog the team should work hard and regular.

Interesting Facts

  • Dogs engaged in agility training are more disciplined than those who are not.
  • Many dogs owners who are fond of agility line up two useful and pleasant points in this sport: you enjoy time with your beloved pet while exercising its physical strength and endurance.
  • Agility training is an interesting hobby, as well as an excellent opportunity to spend a lot of time with your pet and other dog breeders!

What dog expert says

- What age should dogs start agility training?

Cynologist: - The age does not matter; you can start training even your puppy. And earlier your pet is engaged into it, there are more chances to achieve good results.

- How to choose agility obstacles for your pet?

Cynologist: - For each owner his pet is the best and the most gifted one. So to determine the level of physical activity it is better to consult a professional coach. He will objectively assess abilities of your dog and give recommendations. In any case it's better to start with the simplest task and make it harder gradually. Agility is a sport in which, I think, there is no limit to perfection.

Jump Course for Malinois Agility Training with Jute Bite Tug- What dogs are good for agility training?

Cynologist: - Animals are much more agile in physical activity than humans. They are easy to repeat any action with the proper grace. It is rarely occurred that you train hard-to-learn pets. Generally dogs are very interested in agility sessions.

- Do owners always manage to establish a necessary bond with a dog?

Cynologist: - Often, agility classes are stopped precisely because the owner does not want to train further. It happens that very nimble dogs come to us, but their owners do not have enough skills to communicate with the animal and no free time to develop its abilities. We can help to cope with this in training. Unfortunately faced with first difficulties, the owner often loses interest in agility sports.

- What, in your opinion, is the secret to success of a "canine-human" bond?

Cynologist: - It's all about the desire of the owner. If you want to achieve positive results, you will succeed. You just need to be patient and work hard.

Agility obstacles

  • A-Frame is 2 slats put in a triangle. A pet must climb and go down them. The height of the barrier reaches up to 1-2 meters.Training a Dog to Go Through an Agility Tunnel
  • Seesaw (Teeter-totter) is a revolving construction without laths like a carousel for children. One of the most difficult obstacles.
  • Tunnel is a pipe about 6 meters long, which a dog must run through.
  • Jump (Hurdle) is a bar that a pet must jump over.
  • Table (Pause Table) is a square platform. A dog must jump onto it and pause.
  • Weave Poles are similar to a slalom. A dog must go through it as a "snake".

Agility competition classes

  • Standard is the simplest class. The obstacle course consists of 15-22 contact obstacles.
  • Snooker is a class in which all obstacles are marked with numbers of denoting points for overcoming the obstacle.
  • Relay is an agility class in which several handlers with their dogs team up and pass a baton to each other.
  • Jokers or Gamblers. A handler guides a dog at a certain distance, trying not to overstep a restrictive line.
  • Jumpers or Jumping. A dog must overcome the obstacle within the fastest time.

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