How to Stop Dog Eating Poop

Why do Dogs Eat Poop and How to Stop Them

nylon dog harness for small dogs and large breedsScientists call dog eating its own or others feces caprophagy.
Of course, a dog eating feces of animals of humans arises disgust of its owner. But in the first turn this habit is dangerous for a dog itself and, of course, it requires proper correction and cure.
Can dog eating poop get sick? Many virus diseases of dogs are transmitted through feces and urine of a thick animal. For example, feces of a thick dog may contain the parvovirus entiritis agent within a year. Leptospirosis is dangerous for dogs as well as for humans. Cat feces may contain toxoplasmosis agent, that affects dog central nervous system.
Dog eating poop is dangerous by risk to get worms. That's why it is important to make annual vaccination and deworming once a quarter.

But before getting started to cure caprophagy and correction of dog behavior it is important to understand the reasons why a dog wants to eat poop. Here we should tell, that the scientists have not discovered all the reasons yet, but in the majority of issues this bad habit is caused by the following main reasons:
  • lack of micronutrients in dog feeding
  • attraction of owner's attention
  • maternity instinct of a lactating dog
  • pancreatic insufficiency
  • infection inflammation of a dog

It is required to inspect possible reason of caprophagy of your dog. So let's examine each case step by step.

1) Lack of nutrients in dog feeding.
The most frequent cases of dog eating feces happen with young, growing dogs. This bad dog habit may stop itself with age, but it does not mean that you may do nothing.
Analyse if your dog gets enough of required minerals, vitamins, micro- and macro-nutrients in its diet. If you feed your dog with a natural food add many food additives variety of which you will find at many pet shops and veterinary pharmacies.
If you find it difficult to control balance of natural dog feeding, then it would be much healthier for a dog to eat dry ready-made food, that contains all required additives. it should be noted, that transferring from natural to ready-made feeding should be gradual, within a week. And use dog food of premium quality.

dog training and games2) Attraction of owner's attention.
Surprisingly, but very often a dog starts eating feces or dog a crap in the house for the reason of lack of owner's attention. The point is that even punishing a dog is showing of attention to a dog, that is so asked by the pet. Often catching of poop by dog and running from owner is perceived by a dog as a game "Catch me!". This way we unaware of being involved and supporting bad behavior of a dog. Sometimes a dog eats its feces repeating the owner's actions of taking its poop in walking.

3) Maternity behavior of a dog. Eating of feces by a lactating dog is a normal behavior, thus her duty is to keep the place clean and ordered. In this case our best action is to help the mommy and keep its place tidy and make cleaning in time.

Now, if you know why your dog eats feces, we may go to dog behavior correction means.
In the order to improve the situation and stop dog eating poop quickly we should act in two ways.

First, stop the reason! May be for this you will have to examine your relationship with the dog. Change dog feeding, play more often, start training, that will make routine of your dog more interesting and active.

dog treat bagSecond, if your dogs eat poop because of lack of attention, you should not use punishment. As it may cause even worse dog habit of eating poop. Because this way a dog gets what it wants, your attention, even if it is punishment. Call you dog. If you managed to do this and your dog came to you, praise it with a treat, then try to turn its attention to something else, by a game, obedience commands, toys etc. Always take dog toys and a dog treat bag to dog walking.

Anyway, for successful dog behavior correction positive actions like games, treats work better than punishment, even the most severe one.
Always try to foresee dog's actions and be ready to call it back before it is attracted by feces. Every day train calling a dog to you in walking.

best dog muzzle to stop dog eating fecesTrain a dog to a muzzle and use it in walking when a dog is off leash.
One more way to stop dog eating feces is contraversial, as it is based on allowing a dog to eat poop, but a dog owner goes trough the pass of dog walking ahead and drops poop that is mixed with something disgusting for a dog, like pepper, spicy sauce etc. Then in walking you bring your dog closer to the mixed poop to take it and then give prohibiting command "No!", "Stop!" etc. But we do not think that many dog owners would like to choose this way.

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