How Do I Stop Dog Chasing Cats

How to stop dog chasing cat

dog training to stop dog chasing cats1. Keep a dog on a leash. If a dog is chasing cats outside it is better to walk it on a leash. If you want to walk with it off leash, rather do it somewhere without cats around (for example, at a park for dogs or at a place far from people and houses). Remember, that it is better to unleash a dog when cats are not active. Cats are most active in evening and morning hours while they are hunting in the night.

2. Use command "Stop it" at walking. Even if a dog is on a leash, it may run for a cat. It is important to train a dog to stop to make walking in places with cats calmer for you.
If a dog is pulling on a leash strongly and barking it may consider a cat as a danger and feels your excitement. To correct such dog behaviour try not to attract dog's attention whatever happens around. If a dog is looking at you, praise it and give a treat. Start dog training in a quiet place (at home for example) and gradually train a dog to turn its attention at you only (and the treat you may give) no matter what animals/pets are around.

dog training tips3. If you plan to walk a dog without a leash you should train it to follow you. Train a dog to run after you when you are going from it. A dog should remember that it is to follow you because such behaviour is rewarded with a treat. If a dog does everything right praise it and give a treat.

4. Make sure that a dog can't escape your yard. If you live an a house make it fenced or keep it on a leash when walked outside. This way your dog would not chase neighboring cats.

5. Do not let cats enter your yard. If a cat of your neighbor comes often to your yard you should think how to stop this. You may get it away each time it comes or place water sprayers around the lawn  with the motion sensors. They will spill water ona  cat each time it comes and it will frighten it.

  • Rottweiler dog accessoriesDo not cry at a dog when you give a command.
  • Dog training exercises should be regular. In the order for the dog to remember the right behaviour repeat the exercise many times and praise when it does right.
  • Never beat a dog. It is not only cruel, but also may cause behavior problems like aggression or fear to people.
  • Do not keep a dog on a chain to resolve the problem. A dog may hurt itself. Buy a leather dog leash and train your dog to behave in a reasonable way.
  • Not any dog is able to be trained to stop chasing cats. If your dog has strong natural instincts it may chase any small animals in spite of its wit and wish to please you. If you consider your dog to be like that train it the "Stop" command. Such an active dog should move a lot during the day and be on a leash outside always.
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