Taking Dog To EU Country

Rules For Taking A Dog To Europe

   Nowadays there are a lot of dog-friendly hotels and services for dogs in the major cities and main tourist regions of Europe. Such hotels propose you playgrounds for dogs, dog swimming pools, grooming lounges, dog nanny services, special restaurants with a special menu.

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    However, to avoid problems with bringing a dog to EU there are special rules for taking a dog to EU country. Your dog must have:
    1. Microchip. The European standard for chipping used in Europe is an individual number of 15 digits (ISO 11784/11785). If the microchip contains a number in a different format, when entering the European country, the dog's owner must have an appropriate scanner so that it can be used to verify and register a pet. A cheaper alternative may be the microchip implant of European sample.

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    2. Rabies vaccine. According to European rules, vaccination must be made no later than 21 days before the first taking a dog into the EU and remain effective at the time of departure. With repeated bringing a dog to EU, subject to regular revaccination, the “21 day rule” can be avoided. Please note that the primary vaccination is considered to be that one made after the installation of the microchip. Therefore, even if your pet was previously vaccinated against rabies, after installing the microchip, it must be re-vaccinated and held for a fixed period before the first arrival in the EU.

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   3. Veterinary Certificates. You will need a certificate of the established form (No. 1) from the state veterinary clinic for taking a dog to the EU country.

   At the airport or veterinary control point at a land border crossing, this certificate is exchanged for the international certificate of the form No. 5A. For the issuance of the certificate a dog sholud be examined.

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   In addition, to take a dog  into a European country, you need the euro-reference (international veterinary certificate). The certificate and the euro-reference must contain the microchip's number. The certificate is valid for 10 days before crossing the border and 4 months after entering the EU.

    Remember, when travelling with a dog to EU, a pet should look healthy. Otherwise, when passing through customs control, you may need to consult a veterinarian which is paid at the expense of the dog's owner.

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