Why Dogs are Barking?

Dogs barking is one of the ways they naturally communicate with you and each other. But there is always a reason for dog's barking. The reasons may be different and it is better for you and your dog to try to understand them. Whether it is a reaction to some living being a bird, a hamster your dog sees in the yard) or a signal of danger, or a asking for help. The reasons may be serious and you need to know how to react and how to soothe your pet. You need to find out WHY dogs bark in order to stop them from barking. We will review some types and reasons of dog barking.

Excessive, Ongoing Dog Barking

This is the way your dog is sending you a distress signal. Somewhere his needs as an animal are not being met. Ask yourself a couple of questions. Are you walking with him every day to exercise his body and his mind? Is he living a balanced life normal and needed for a dog? Consider these issues to find a solution if dog constant barking is becoming a problem. This way you will show real love for your dog.

Greeting by Barking

We love coming home and see our dog greets us excitedly by jumping and barking. We feel this proves our dog's love for the family. But in a natural setting, dogs don't bark, yelp, or jump on pack mates in a burst of affection. Dogs that greet their owners in this way are trying to communicate. But rather than professing undying love, they are probably trying to tell you that they are lonely and bored; their needs as a dog are not being met. The excitement is your dog's way of burning off the excess energy that has been building throughout the day. Don't be disappointed by this revelation. Dogs simply don't use emotions like people do. Remember, dogs are animals. To love a dog means you must treat him like an animal, as Nature intended it to be treated.

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