What are Dog Muzzles for? How do Dog Muzzles Work?

When and why there is a need to muzzle a dog? - What kinds of dog muzzles are there and what demands are raised for them? - How to choose a muzzle? - How to train a dog to a muzzle?

Let's examine the first question. What for a dog is muzzled. The answer is only one - to prevent its biting someone. It is clear. Now let's examine when a dog should be muzzled.

There is a great number of these situations. These are walks in public places, transportation of a dog in a public conveyances, while visiting a vet, in the presence of little children, when a dog is let go without a leash for a free walk and while training. A muzzle is put on aggressive dogs and there are also one's own, particular cases.

Let's go further. What kinds of muzzles are there? The muzzles are divided into several groups, but we will stop at the main two: leather dog muzzles and metal dog wire muzzles.

K9 dog training muzzle

Leather, close (blind) dog muzzles. These models are intended for training and for aggressive dogs. The dog muzzles made of thick leather are sufficiently durable and keep form very well. A dog has no chances to bite if it has a close leather muzzle on. Now let's have a look at the demands raised for these muzzles. The most important a thick leather, tube-shaped and unbending in any case. A muzzle should fit a dog comfortably, without rubbing under eyes, pushing on a bridge of nose, hurting a dog and at a stroke by a muzzle it should not get a dog's nose. Otherwise it will never want to be muzzled. It is also should be possible for a muzzled dog to half-open a mouth for a free breath. It is desirable for these muzzles to have a belt that is lead between eyes. Of course, there are limitations also. For example, it is undesirable to keep a dog muzzled this way as well as a dog's tongue sweats and being tightly muzzled in the heat or while intense load can lead to a heatstroke, because these muzzles are heavy.
soft leather dog muzzle
The next muzzle is a leather basket. As a rule these are muzzles made of leather stripes fastened with the help of rivets. They also have their benefits and limitations. They are recommended for calm dogs. It is desirable for them to be leather and loose-fitting. These muzzles have good ventilation and a dog can breathe in free and even drink water. Check that a dog can open a mouth muzzled. These are light muzzles. They have a light construction. That's why a dog can be muzzled for a long time this way without feeling uncomfortable. As for the limitations, they have a lower durability comparing to blind muzzles and a dog has much more chances to bite someone. If you buy a leather-substitute muzzle, be ready to throw it away very soon.
wire dog muzzle
And the last type of dog muzzles that we describe is a metal basket - dog wire muzzle. They absolutely exclude the possibility for a dog to bite, are well ventilated and give a dog the possibility to drink water. A muzzle can fit a dog comfortable, without pushing on a bridge of a nose, rubbing under eyes, hurting a dog and at a stroke by a muzzle it should not get a dog's nose. Otherwise it will never want to be muzzled. But if a dog strikes by a muzzle it is painful! Make sure that a dog can open a mouth in this muzzle. And one more thing, bare metal should not be worn in winter, but there are models with rubberized covering.

Leather Dog Muzzles

Wire Dog Muzzles

Author: Julia Bosenko, an experienced manager and customer support ForDogTrainers UK dealing with your needs & questions.