Dog Pack Walking

Dog Walking. Dog Pack Walking

Pack walking is the best way to introduce new dogs to each other. Also it is an effective way to make dogs who do not like each other already, to accept each other. At this dog walking any negative, unwanted behavior of one dog to another should be corrected immediately.

dog pack walking

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If dogs are walked on connected leads they feel a single, united pack. The pack is led by one handler who leads the joined dogs. The person is holing the lead and the dogs are heeling beside 'the leader'. If a dog is walking in front of the others and the human holder, he immediately considers himself the pack leader. That's why it is important to make the dogs heel beside or behind you.

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All human walkers are making the dog they are walking heel and they are correcting any signs of aggression towards the other dogs. Dogs may be allowed to smell each other but they should not stop, continue walking them. Keeping moving is the key. The handler keeps the dogs walking and remains confident. Dogs are very sensitive to such things. They will notice your weakness or anxiety. Stay strong and you will keep leadership.

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