Choke Collars For Dogs

Choke collar for dogs - how to choose?


Choker collar for dogs is one of the favorite dog training tools for dog trainers. Its most important feature is the possibility of various use:

1) as a choke collar, that is choking while pulling on a leash. Many dog trainers consider this means of dog control the most natural as close for dog behavior in a group;

2) as a usual walking dog collar. For this intention it is enough just to fasten a lead to the other ring.

3) as a show collar (ringer) - its little width makes it appropriate for show, it does not divide dog neck visually and a dog looks good on the ring.

Choke collars for dogs are made of different materials: leather, nylon strap or rope, metal chain, combined (nylon rope covered with leather).

Leather choke dog collars. Leather is the most pleasant material not only for dog owners, but also for dogs. These dog collars look nice on short-haired dogs and do not make them uncomfortable or irritated. This choke collar for dog is pleasant to catch and keep a dog for it with hands. It does not cause injuries of dog owner's hands. But leather needs special care and keeping, even if it is a high quality well-done and oiled leather.

choke collars for dogs

Nylon strap or rope choker collar is the strongest and reliable. It is resistant to any weather conditions. These dog collars may be used while swimming in salt water. But it may hurt dog's neck and hands of dog owner in the case of strong pulling.

choker collar for dog

Metal chain dog collars are made of different alloys: steel (stainless, chrome-plated, nickel-plated, "antique"-plated), brass, special hypoallergenic alloy curogan. These dog collars may look as a real jewellery reflecting sunlight with its polished links. That's why they are frequently used at shows. Choke chains for dogs may differ with color, form and link size. Long link form is the safest for long dog fur. But some coverings of low quality of metal collars may change color of light dog fur, that's why before using a metal collar at a dog show, it is reasonable to try it. When you choose a chain collar for dog, watch the links to be cast and plating to be smooth, and the edges of metal safe for dog skin.

chain choke dog collar

Combined choke collars for dogs have strength of nylon rope and softness and attraction of high quality natural leather.

choker collar for dog

The choice of the material for choke collar for dogs depends on dog owner's wishes, dog breed, purposes of its use. But the choice of the size is common for all the cases.

size of choke collar

Note, that such dog collars are to be taken on through dog's head, that's why choke collar circumference should be not less than dog's head circumference in its widest area (along the ears and under dog snout). But too large size of choke collar makes a dog owner to make too long pulls, and it reduces effectiveness of use this dog collar as a choker. In addition, too large dog collar will fall from dog head and a dog can lose it or take it off at the most inappropriate moment. That's why the best size for dog choke collar is considered to be a length of choke collar that includes head circumference plus 2 inches.

choke dog collar

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