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Choose a premium leather dog collar from the producer. Most of K9 dog collars are available in stock. But unfortunately the designer dog collars with adornments are not in stock. We produce them to order. You are welcome to choose it but we have to inform that its production will take 1-2 months.
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A dog collar on the neck of your dog is like the wristwatch a person wears, showing the status, taste or even character of the dog's owner.
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How to choose the best dog collar? A leather dog collar plays a very important role as well as the right dog muzzle, dog harness and dog leash. A dog wearing the leather dog collar feels closer to a dog owner when he is led by the leash feeling the leading role of the handler. A dog collar became the unchangeable thing in the walks, training, shows and sport. That it why one distinguishes each dpg collar in connection with a special purpose that it is intended for.
What kind of dog collars are there? Our dog shop offers sport dog collars, show dog collars, training dog collars, usual K9 collars, walking and tracking collars for dogs.
What makes a good dog collar? We use genuine leather of top quality, full grain, well done and oiled for long term use and perfect look. The hardware is made of rustproof brass or chrome-plated steel. It looks noble and is reliable for a long term. Also we sell Herm Sprenger Check Chains UK with our leather or nylon parts. Leather dog collars look very smart and have a unique design, because we do not have our shops off line. So buying here be sure that in your surrounding one won't find a collar of the same design. Your dogs will be look gorgeous at a dog show or daily walk wearing our leather dog collars.
The photos of our leather dog collars do not show the all beauty of the leather dog collars that are decorated with special elements, studs, spikes etc. You will be really pleased when you will see the real dog collar on your dog, pleasantly surprised with the quality of our dog leather dog collars and their gorgeous look.
We pay attention to every detail. The leather dog collars that we produce will serve you for years. Supply your dog with the best comfort and style with our leather dog collars: handmade leather dog collars, designer leather dog collars, luxury leather dog collars, leather dog collars and leads, rolled leather dog collars and leads and more.

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The best agitation dog collar with handle:

Luxury padded leather dog collar with braids and medals:

Choose also a matching leather dog lead for your new collar in our rich collection of Leather Dog Leads!

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Dog collar and dog lead set is an indispensable assistant while your pet's training.

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How to train a dog to a collar

The method of training step by step.

Leather Care Tips. Leather Dog Muzzle, Collar & Harness care

How to clean leather dog collar? How to soften leather dog collar? It is important to turn attention, that leather items need special care. Without it leather chaps and cracks quickly and rivets, that join it, rust and then a dog muzzle or collar may break at the joints. Follow our simple tips to make your leather dog accessories serve you for many years.

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