WUSV World Championship IPO & Agility 2018

WUSV World Championship IPO & Agility 2018

WUSV 2018The World Championship WUSV 2018 takes place in BIONUTRIA PARK RANDERS (Randers Stadium, located in Randers, Denmark. It is a home ground of Randers FC.) in October.

1. Supervisor judge: Mr. Heinz Gerdes (Germany)
2. Supervisor judge: Mr. Guenther Diegel (Germany)
Tracking supervisor: Mr. Peter Mayerl (Austria)
Section A: Mr. Clemente Grosso (Italy)
Section B: Mr. Jari Kokkonen (Finland)
Section C: Mr. Horst-Dieter Traeger (Germany)

Here is the link for registration and more detailed information with contacts. http://www.wusv2018.com/xdoc/325/pre-registrering_stande.pdf

The schedule of the Championship:

10/01/18 Training with teams on the stadium (IPO3)
10/02/18 Training with teams on the stadium (IPO3)
10/03/18, 19:00 Finishing of training with teams on the stadium (IPO3)
10/03/18 World Championship IPO3
10/03/18, 8:00-18:00 Participant registration for Agility
10/03/18, 10:00-18:00 Examination of the dogs registered for Agility
10/03/18 Training of Agility
WUSV 201810/04/18 Test of registered dogs for Agility at the main field
10/04/18, 19:00 Finishing of training for Agility at the stadium
10/04/18 World Championship IPO3
10/05/18 World Championship IPO3
10/05/18 Agility Trial
10/06/18 World Championship IPO3
10/06/18 Agility Trial
10/06/18, 8:00-10:00 Registration of participants for the dog show
10/06/18 Dog show
10/06/18 Final celebration at the stadium, Dog Show
10/06/18 Final celebration at the stadium, Agility
10/06/18 Traditional Dutsch holiday meeting
10/07/18 World Championship IPO3
10/07/18 Final ceremony at the stadium, IPO3
Please, use the link and contact the officials for more details http://www.wusv2018.com

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