How to Start Dog Training

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No doubt every dog owner wants to have a well-brought-up dog that can behave properly in the society, perform all the commands, at the same time not losing its individuality.

Owner's Personality is a Key Factor for Dog EducationDog training and education is an interaction of two personalities. In this article we will tell you, what to start dog education with.

An ideal variant of interaction between a trainer and a dog is a complete mutual understanding. Dog can understand people by nature very well. And a dog owner should learn to understand his dog. A dog has its own world, different ideas about the environment, and its own opinion about people.

On this basis you should try to understand dog�s behavior. It�s essential to understand dog�s natural peculiarities and individual characteristics. It will allow an owner to direct his dog skillfully without destroying dog�s individuality, but patiently and persistently concentrating its energy, temperament and inherent abilities to the right way.
Command Training for Dog Agility and Health

Do not rely very much on trainers. Even trainings with an experienced dog trainer will not exempt you from educational process. A trainer will just help you, advise or give a tip, but in no way he can replace an owner. So be attentive and patient.

Dog and people

Dog breeds living in the house have a lot of factors of influence. All your reactions, your words addressed to other people, emotional state, your relationships with other family members � a dog feels all these things very sharply.

As a rule, the main role in dog�s education has one person � a direct owner. This person may have different social roles in the family: husband, father, wife, mother, child, grandfather grandmother, etc. The main difference is that he or she pays the most attention to the dog. Exactly this person�s leadership to the dog occurs the basis of dog�s controllability and obedience.

The majority of dog breeder strongly believe that a dog sees the family members as a pack of similar creatures. These relationships are formed by nature laws. If you don�t pay your attention to this fact, a dog will quickly take the lead.

Dog Training for Skills DevelopmentExcept of surrounding people, environment also has a great influence on a dog. Some impacts are pleasant by their features (the smell of the food, owner�s appearance), others are unpleasant (cold, heat, pain), other impacts are neutral, without vital significance.

In addition, a dog is influenced by irritants of its own body, which are constantly present in vital activity. The result of inner irritants are need in food, water, etc., and the result of outer ones is hiding from cold and heat, coming to the owner, etc.)

In the process of dog training do not transfer human logic to your dog. A pet cannot think and make conclusions, like a human being, and act considering the decision before. A dog acts according to its instincts and reflexes. The more deliberate you will understand the �dog logic�, the easier it will be to train and educate your dog.

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