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Caucasian Shepherd Information

Caucasian Shepherd dog breedCaucasian Shepherd dog breed is represented by very strong, muscular and tempered Molossers dogs. Caucasian Shepherd dogs are subdivided into two types: mountain and plain. Plain dogs have a shorter coat and are taller as they are more lightly built. And a mountain dogs have a heavier coat and are more muscularly built.

Caucasian Shepherd is the most ancient dog breed among shepherd dogs and dog breeds in general. On the assumption of archaelogiсal excavations, Caucasian Shepherd dog breed takes its origin from Tibetian Mastiffs, that appeared on Caucasus about two thousands years ago.

Caucasian Shepherd has other names of Caucasian Ovcharka, Georgian Nagazi, Caucasian Mountain Dog, Circassian Sheep Dog and Armenian Khobun.
Caucasian Shepherd is one of the strongest guard dogs among canines. Caucasian Shepherd dog has unlimited bravery. If there is a danger for the handler or any family member, Caucasian Shepherd will attack without hesitation even a bear. It is fearless for defending its property, territory and family.
Caucasian Shepherd is a very powerful dog. In the order to control its power the handler should be serious as for dog training and behavior correction. Caucasian Shepherd needs a lot of time for walking and exercises as well. The breed is not very active. But it is necessary to spend at least an hour for dog walking daily for harmonious physical form and to relieve the lack of dog energy. Other way it may be expressed by misbehavior and aggression.
Caucasian Shepherd is unpretentious for living circumstances, and will feel comfortable with any family type. It may be one person, a family pair or a family with small children. Caucasian Shepherd feels comfortable everywhere if it is allowed to be on his own for some time.

Caucasian Shepherd Short Tips

Caucasian Shepherd Care: washing twice a year; living outside; walking 1 hour per day; moderate activity; active games, running. As a guard dog Caucasian Shepherd should keep perfect physical shape and energy.
Caucasian Shepherd is friendly for its family and especially for children. It is a very patient dog for children. Caucasian Shepherd is very aggressive to strangers. The attitude for other animals is normal, but needs socialization.
Caucasian Shepherd original function is a guard dog and shepherd dog. Nowadays Caucasian Shepherd dog is used mostly as a guard dog and it performs its function perfectly.

Caucasian Shepherd Temperament

Caucasian Shepherd TrainingCaucasian Shepherd temperament is not simple. It is difficult to control this powerful dog. Caucasian Shepherd is a dog for a strong-willed, persistent person. Guard instinct of Caucasian Shepherd is enormous. It also has huge energy sources. If this energy is not expressed through walking and games, it will come into misbehavior or even aggression. Regular active walking is necessary even for a dog living outside. Provide a dog with wide space for running regularly. A handler should seriously train a dog to make it an obedient and well-behaved dog. It is reasonable to use advices of a professional dog trainer. A trainer will never train a dog better than the handler, but will give precious advices to make it easier and efficient and cope with various situations. Caucasian Shepherd is a clever dog and it will easy remember its place, toilet and basic commands if trained with persistence from the puppy age.

Caucasian Shepherd Care

dog care brush for long coatCaucasian Shepherd has a long, thick coat. Its care includes regular brushing after walking. Use special dog brush for long fur coat. Caucasian Shepherd needs washing about twice a year. But it depends on fur tidiness state.
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