How to Train a Dog Not to Bite

How do I get my dog to stop biting? Why is my dog being aggressive all of a sudden? How to train my puppy from biting? In this article we will answer all this questions. You will understand your doggie's behavior better and know how to be caring and authoritative master.

Useful Tips How to Get a Dog to Stop Biting

leather dog muzzle with studsDogs do remain popular pets. Cats create competition, but still, according to statistics, people often choose dogs. Lovely animals are extremely devoted and reliable, which can not be said about the majority of freedom-loving cats. Pros and cons can be found in both participants of the comparison. People who keep a dog, try to wean a pet off biting. Thousands of families face with such difficulty, but not all dog owners can solve it. Most of dogs tend to uncontrollable anger and aggression, often due to a complex character or genetic predisposition. Especially it's hard for dogs of fighting breeds. The dogs need a thoughtful and regular upbringing. And sometimes it's reasonable to rely on a professional cynologist.

It happens, good-natured pets bite the owner or family members unconsciously while playing with them. And even though the bites do not carry an aggressive overtone, the owner should think about strict upbringing. The dog is able on inflict pain to an adult or a small child by accidentally biting. With bites during the game faced by many.

Puppies are commonly eager to test their own fangs for strength. This is the main reason why it's so important to train a dog from an early age. Do not expect immediate success. All breeds bear their typical features. A dog with a developed intellect is able to understand the requirement of his owner after two or three attempts and implement it, but not all breeds are smart. Dog upbringing takes enough time.

Dog toys for trainingPreventive measures

To break such a bad habit as biting we recommend you to follow some helpful rules. So here is a simple list of puppy raising tips:

  • A dog is not allowed to play with the owner's items: details of clothes or any other personal things. If the puppy grabs your arm, sleeve, leg, during a game, stop the game and go out of his sight. For intellectually developed breeds such indicative gesture will suffice to stop biting. It's even enough just to freeze. The dog will become bored, he will calm down and weaken the grip.

  • A pet should clearly understand where its place, even if it's a usual litter lying in the corridor of your apartment or a corner of the room. It's advisable to take a place to a dog in a corridor or a hall of the house. For a large dog, kept in a big house, purchase an enclosure or a booth. The biting dog should be sent in a harsh tone to Ñ€his place, stopping the game.

  • A puppy is like a child. He needs toys to practice his biting skills. If the dog starts to bite you, slowly unclench his jaw and point to a toy. With this gesture the owner means that the toy is the only thing for gnawing.

These preventive measures are not a panacea. Change them individually to breeds that require a hard approach. This refers to the mentioned fighting breeds. Without proper upbringing, beautiful creatures become dangerous for the family and society. If a dog has never bitten before, and without any reason it starts doing it, then the root is hidden deeper. Possibly it's the answer to a physical strength that the owner has shown to the dog recently.

Methods of influence on a dog

 It's much more difficult to wean off biting an adult dog. Not all dog owners bring up a growing puppy correctly. If an adult dog bites during a game, this is already a serious obstacle. Note the rules to adhere to:

  1. dog bite tugs online UKAvoid games in which a dog can bite.
  2. If a dog grabbed a person in a fit of playfulness, gently open its jaws. No physical punishment towards the pet!
  3. A pet, as a rule treat owner's family with respect and sincere love. Denote that it's painful. Squeal at his biting and pretend crying. Then rise and walk away from a dog. This method is effective for reclamation. The dog understands that he has hurt his beloved and authoritative owned.
  4. Sometimes a dog does not treat his owner as a leader. Such upbringing is very common. Serious training is required to show the dog that a human is a master. Otherwise, the pet gets used to biting regularly during the game, and without any reason. A domination issue is essential to be resolved immediately after revealing. And if it's necessary, rely on a cynologist.
  5. They say a barking dog does not bite, though in practice this aspect depends on age, breed and sex of a dog. If a growing puppy begins to bark and bare his teeth, put the culprit face down to the floor, calming the dog's ardor. Stare carefully and threateningly at the puppy's eyes, confirming a human's authority.

Good-tempered breeds

 Why do dogs bite? There is an unequivocal answer: lack of good upbringing. Resolute the issue is not easy because of the low intelligence of a particular breed or age. Let's distinguish dog breeds which such behavior problems appear extremely rare with:

leather dog bite padThe Border Collie. It's considered to be the cleverest dog in the world, distinguished by its good temper and extreme understanding.

The Beagle. These puppies are active and restless, their endless kindness fascinates a lot. Clever, reserved and proud dogs who understand human's authority.

The Bobtail. This huge furball can bring a lot of joy to adults and small children. He is ready to patiently ride kids on his back, not minding their restless movements. A kind, lazy and agreeable beast.

The Golden Retriever is one of the kindest in the world. The pet is able to act as a nanny, without prior preparation.

So, before your purchasing a puppy you should find out which dogs do not bite. Especially the warning applies to families with kids. It's supposed to protect children in advance from attacks by an aggressive pet.

Found yourself puzzled by what to do with a biting dog, rely on cynologist who will recommend key methods of training to correct your doggie's behavior.