Why Use a Dog Harness Instead of a Collar?

Why Wear a Dog Harness

Before purchasing dog harness accessory for your pet, it is recommended to figure it out in the whole variety of harness types that exist for sale nowadays and define what is your intention for its use. In general, the cardinal distinction of a dog harness from a dog collar (and its main advantage) lays in the fact that at definite loads (for example, when a dog tightens a leash) there is no tension of breathing passages of an animal. As well a dog harness allows to distribute more evenly, as opposed to a dog collar, the load on support-motor apparatus of a dog.
By the choice of a dog harness you should turn your attention in the first turn at the material of which it is produced. As, for instance, a leather dog harness is very durable and firm, but leather stretches when it gets wet and getting dry it becomes harder and less durable. Nylon dog harness does not lose its qualities if gets wet, easy cleaned, has no stretch factor, durable and has high rate of strength.

Purchasing a harness for your dog, turn your attention not only at the material of which it is produced, but also on the way of harness sewing, the quality of stitches. The ring of fastening and folds are demanded to be especially precisely reviewed. In ideal variant the ring should be cast. Of course for small dog breeds, for which a dog harness is just an accessory at a walk, the quality of a ring at a harness is not fundamental. Toy Terrier will walk the same way wearing a harness with a cast ring and built-up one. But if a German Shepherd will take it strength, a built-up ring will become just a piece of wire. That's why some producers supply a dog harness with both kinds of rings for safety. The next important moment are the fasteners. As a rule, metal or more rare - plastic (for decorative dog breeds) is used for their producing. In general, there are metal fasteners (buckles) of two types - traditional (as on a common trousers belt) and a fastener controlling length (it is used also at parachute stripes and military equipment).

So, you have made your choice, but there is a little "but": you should also take into account your dog breed and age, and in also the intended use of a harness. If you are going to train a dog for guarding work you should choose a common harness made of leather or nylon, reliably sewed and fastened, with cast or welded ring. You may use the same harness for dog walking.
If you are going to train your dog for a track work, or not sport pulling, you need leather or nylon harness equipped with three rings - two by the sides and one upper, that allows to distribute the work load more evenly depending on the kind of your dog activity. A special pulling harness will fit for fanciers of pulling kinds of sport (skijoring races etc). As a rule, it is made of durable nylon, with more thin stripes, than at "classic" harnesses, and it is multi-functional: comfortable, right distributing work load on a body and support-motor apparatus of an animal, it has special fastenings, that allow to fasten a dog to a team.

Of course, the luckiest are the owners of decorative dog breeds - for them it is absolutely not fundamental the fact of material of their harness. They may worry only on the account of the way it is decorated.

Dog harness is a necessary equipment for dog walking and training. It is much more comfortable than a collar, as well as it is constructed with the intention to distribute the loading on the dog body without hurting and tightening dog's body and neck. Soft pads and natural leather make it comfortable for a dog. At our on line dog store you will find a variety of nylon harnesses, leather harnesses, harnesses for small dogs, large dog harnesses, dog training and dog walking harnesses, classic dog harnesses and designer dog harnesses with studs, hand-painting and spikes, special rescue dog harnesses, guide dog harnesses. All the dog harnesses are handmade of the best quality materials with attention to every detail and for long-term, comfortable use.

Author: Julia Bosenko, an experienced manager and customer support ForDogTrainers UK dealing with your needs & questions.