Dog Obesity | Fat Dogs Problem and Its Solving

Dog Obesity and Overweight Dogs Problem: Prevent and Cure

We love our dogs and try to show our care to our beloved pets all possible means we can offer. We buy good toys, comfortable and nice accessories and of course tasty food for our pets. Sometimes we cannot help treating our dogs with the next (but not necessary) delicacy when they look at us with their asking eyes... But here we are facing the risk of our dog to become overweight and this problem comes at first invisibly. May be someone likes looking a pet a little plump and it seems cute, but... A few unwanted pounds may cause more dangerous problems than just access weight. These are digestive system, heart, locomotor apparatus and many other unpleasant disorders. Statistics shows not too healthy results of pet obesity. This problem usually cuts off two years of dog life from the normal life span of your pet. Do we really care of our pets? Then we should learn to show our care in a proper way to make our friends stay with us longer and live a happier and healthier life.

interactive dog games outside

Consult your vet about weight of your dog and healthy food for your pet. Make its life more active, show your love and care by attention, interactive games outside.

We are representing a new invention for healthy dogs that will make feeding more interesting and healthy. The new interactive dog plate toy is a special accessory for your pet! It makes a dog not just gulp food by huge amounts, but eat it by small portions, thus, chew more carefully. It makes the process of feeding more interesting for dog, a dog chews food better, by small portions and in the result its hunger is satisfied with less food.

medium dog plate