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South African Boerboel dog breed is described below.
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South African Boerboel Dog Breed Information
These dogs were often a first line of defense against predators and were valuable in tracking and holding down wounded game. Old farmers tell many tales of the strength, agility, and courage of their Boerboels.One can find here suitable Boerboel harness (nylon Boerboel harness or leather Boerboel harness), Boerboel Muzzles (wire muzzle or leather muzzle for Boerboel), Boerboel Lead or Leash (nylon or leather dog leads), Boerboel collars (leather Boerboel collars and nylon Boerboel collars) and so on. If you do not find anything for your dog, than contact us and we will recommend and find an appropriate Boerboel.
South African Boerboel Mastiff is a family dog, friendly to all the family members and kind for children. The dogs of the Boerboel dog breed consider their main aim in life to protect a family.
African Boerboel Dog Breed Background
The land of origin of dog breed Boerboel is considered to be Africa, though its roots come from Asia. These dogs have been used as soldiers, equipped with armor in Assyria. Alexander the Great has taken them to Europe. With the flow of time Boerboels have changed their function and breed features into mastiffs for guard and hounding. They say, that probably all the modern European dog breeds have derived from these two. Later, in the XVII century the breed was restored as a farm dog. As the result of historical and natural evolution there have appeared strong and endurable Boerboel Mastiffs. But urbanization has began to cause the disappearing if this dog breed. In the 80th years of the last century the work for Boerboel Mastiff dog breed restoring has begun at the territory of the SAR.
South African Boerboel Appearance
Boerboel is a large dog, with 55 to 75 cm height and 80-90 kg weight. Boerboel has a strong muscles and bones. It is a harmoniously built dog with large head, a little prolonged body and a massive croup.
Boerboel has a smooth, short fur coat. The color varies from beige to dark-brown, dark-reddish, including brindle patterns. The snout may be colored darker, like a mask. The ears are generally darker as well. The large head is one of the most distinctive traits of the South African Boerboel Mastiff.
South African Boerboel Training
The representatives of the dog breed Boerboel are mentally stable. They are very active as for their giant size. Boerboel training demands huge loadings and daily exercises, for example, running 5 km.
Boerboel is a balanced, not stubborn dog, with a perfect character, a devoted family dog and is always ready to protect. Boerboel gladly cares for little family members and plays with them.
Boerboel is expecting for care and attention from his owner. The attention is expressed the best way by exhausting training sessions.
Excessive aggression and evil are not inherent for the Boerboel dog breed. Boerboel Mastiff dogs have a tolerant attitude as for the surroundings generally.
If trained and socialized properly, Boerboel has no conflicts with other pets.
Boerboel dog temperament has its bright individual characteristics. He is self confident and independent. Male dogs of Boerboel dog breed may express signs of dominance and may have a behavior correction. But it may be avoided by proper training from the puppy age.
Boerboel dogs have a good memory. They are easy trained. They may be a little slow in perception of commands. They think it over before performing.
If Boerboel dog denies to obey your commands, it is a sign of your loss of dominance over the dog and there has been huge mistakes in the process of his training.
For the proper dog behavior correction it is better to consult a dog behaviorist.
South African Boerboel Mastiff and Dog Care
Boerboel is a very endurable dog. It gets used to living conditions and the climate easily. In spite of its African roots, it undergoes almost any weather conditions.
In Africa Boerboel dogs live in the open air, in natural surrounding. In Europe the dogs live as family dogs at homes. They may also live in a special crates. But regular Boerboel walking is necessary for any conditions. Boerboel may live in the yard outside and be taken to the house for cold weather only.
It is very important for dog bed place choice to avoid drafts. The bed should be not too hard.
For Boerboel puppies training it is better avoid close and frequent contacts with guests, strange people. The thing is that Boerboels are very friendly and they get used fast to guests and thus trust them as family members.
The South African Boerboel Mastiff dog breed is intended to guard a family and property from strange people and wild animals. In the order to perform these functions a dog should move free along the guarded territory.
Short coat of Boerboel is easy in care. It is quite enough to brush it twice a week to eliminate dead hair. The brushing also makes a massage, that is very useful for dog health.
Regular tooth cleaning is also required.

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