Puppy Training. Command "Come"

Basic Dog Training Commands. "Come"

The command "come" is very important in basic dog training, as you will use it daily. With a strong voice call a dog by name clearly and tell "come". Calling a dog by name will attract its attention. After telling "come" it will understand not at once what it has to do, but, most probably will start coming closer. If you can't attract puppy's attention try to do the following: squat down and call the pet. If it won't work, clap your hands and call again. In most of cases it works. When a dog comes praise it with a treat. Let your puppy know that if it comes when hears your command "come" it makes pleasure for the owner and gets a tasty treat. You may use various treats like cheese, sausage, cracker, or something else to your taste. But the most important is not to use sweets, they are harmful for puppy's health.
Basic Dog Training to Command Come
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