Dog Walking: Who Is The Leader?

Dog Walking: Lead Your Dog. Importance To Be The Leader

Dog walking in a proper way may be described in a simple phrase: walk your dog, dog not allow the dog to walk you. Your dog must feel your leadership if you want a dog to obey you. Do not allow a dog to walk in front of you. In this way a dog may think that he is a leader, as well as the leader always tend to go first.

This may cause some behavioral issues. The dog is not relaxed, because it is a great responsibility to lead the pack.

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If you admit that your dog is hyper or high-strung it is the sign that your dog does not get enough exercise or a proper type of exercise it needs. The sign of it is also if your dog is running around your house or yard.

To check why your dog does not get enough exercise because it is high-strung, ask yourself several questions.

Do you lead the way out of door/gate when you go walking your dog?

Do you go in front while dog walking?

Does the dog follow you and watches the direction you are leading it?

Is the dog able to stop and smell any time it is willing to do it and satisfies its need, normal for a dog?

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If you answer "yes" to these questions, your dog gets excitement while daily dog walking with you.

If your answers are "no" then your dog may have super high energy that needs more exercise to give the dog healthy relax. It is not natural and healthy for a dog to be so hyper.

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But also the facts that dog walks well on a leash, without pulling, walks beside you do not mean that you are a pack leader in the dog's mind.

If the handler allows the dog to decide where to stop or turn because of his good behavior on a leash, a dog may think that you are allowing him to be your leader.

It is going about the fact who is making the decisions. But even if you decide the dog to walk in front of you, you are forcing in his mind the thought that a dog leads you and he is a pack leader. It is the unbeatable dog instinct. Because the instinct is telling a dog, that the leader leads the way.

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