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Rottweiler, Breed Standard: FCI # 147

Rottweiler History

Rottweiler is one of the oldest dog breeds. Its origin goes with its deep roots to the history of the Roman Empire. Ancestors of these dogs helped to pasture and drive cattle to long distances. They came to Europe from mountain valleys through Alps together with Roman legions. At the Southern Germany they naturally mixing with native breeds have given a breed that is called Rottweiler. The breed got its name after German city Rottweil and for a long time it was known as "Rottweil's dog of butchers". Butchers and brewers bred these dogs not only for transportation of its production, but also for its guarding. Dogs of this breed were distinguished with high vigilance and devotion to its owner. Later, in the beginning of XX century, the breed began to be used in police, where it earned the reputation of real police dog, that was registered officially in 1910. Rottweiler breeders were eager to let a dog such features like black shabrack with reddish spot, strength, dexterity, nobleness and calmness that on their mind should distinguish genuine companion of a human.

Rottweiler origin: Germany

Rottweiler Characteristics

Rottweiler is a dog of middle and higher middle height, neither heavy, nor light, neither long-legged, nor thin. Its balanced, compact and powerful constitution has a great strength, dexterity and hardiness.

Rottweiler Size

Male Rottweiler height in withers: for male from 61 to 68 cm. 61 - 62 cm small 63-64 cm middle height 65-66 cm large - right height 67-68 cm very large

Male Rottweiler weight: about 50 kg.

Female Rottweiler weight in withers: for bitches from 56 to 63 cm 56 - 57 cm small 58 - 59 cm middle height 60 - 61 cm large - right height 62 -63 cm very large. Weight: about 42 kg

Rottweiler fur coat: Fur consists of cover hair and undercoat = straight fur. Cover hair is middle length, rough, thick, close fitting. Undercoat should not stick out of cover hair. Thigh fur coat is a little longer.

Rottweiler color: Black with bright reddish spots on chick bones, snout, lower jaw and neck, on chest, legs and also under eyes and around tail. Attractive features: Friendly and peaceful, loving children, very affectionate, obedient, easy controllable and efficient. Its behavior is self-assured, with hard nerves, fearless. It reacts on surrounding world with great attention.

Rottweiler Temperament

Rottweiler temperament is good-natured, disciplined and alert. These Rottweiler characteristics make him a good family pet. These dogs are very friendly with humans and especially with children. Rottweiler is very affectionate with his family. Owing to their origin of herding dogs, Rottweilers are good family guard.
Rottweiler temperament often makes them being classified to the most aggressive dog breeds. Rottweiler behavior is potentially dangerous. But it strongly depends on the way the dog is treated. Aggressive Rottweiler behavior is the result of neglectful behavior of the owner. The Rottweiler activity should be controlled and led to a constructive sphere by exercising and regular training.
Like many other dog breeds, Rottweilers are very active, energetic and lively dogs. They need expression of their energy. Rottweiler dog owner needs to spend a lot of time, attention to give the dog enough exercise and keep its nature healthy and lively. There are daily walking, running, exercises, interactive games with the owner and mental stimulation. If you have decided to keep Rottweiler as a pet, make sure, that you are able to give him enough time and devotion.

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