Why Does A Dog Dig Holes?

How to Stop A Dog From Digging?

    Digging holes is quite a normal phenomenon for dogs. But so that this habit doesn't not give you problems consider how to stop a dog from digging holes in a yard. We present useful tips of advice that will help you to stop your pet to spoil vegetable beds, lawns, flower beds.
    In most cases such a habit does not mean bad behavior and all the more it does not mean that a pet does it to spite the owner.
    Why does a dog dig holes? If your dog digs holes on a lawn constantly, an entire adjacent area is covered with freshly dug holes of various depths and a dog gladly digs in the ground even in your presence, we should understand the reasons for this behavior before proceeding to correct dog's behavior.
    Important! Digging up the ground is a natural instinct, an inborn reflex act inherent in all members of the dog family without exception.
    At the same time, the natural instinctive behavior of dogs that live in private houses gives the owners a lot of trouble. If your dog digs holes vigorously, it destroys flower beds, plantings, lawns. And a house territory littered with holes does not look nice too.            

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   Reasons for dogs digging holes are the following:
    • genetic;
    • breed predisposition;
    • separation anxiety;
    • arrangement of rookery;
    • curiosity;
    • excitement;
    • overflowing energy;
    • finding a partner;
    • trying to escape, if a dog digs holes under a fence;
    • lack of attention;
    • hunting instinct.

    Often dogs dig holes to hide supplies for a rainy day. Our four-pawed friends hide not only leftovers, bones but also their toys. At the same time, dogs often check whether their “treasures” are in place and can hide them so that no one steals them. Therefore, new dug holes appear. Digging holes for hunting, hound dogs is quite a usual work. Representatives of these breeds have a highly developed hunting instinct, and as you know, voles, moles and other living beings live in the ground which can be hunted. In addition, many breeds were bred specifically for burrow hunting (Dachshunds, Terriers, Spaniels) and it is almost impossible to stop them from digging. A dog simply cannot withstand the inherent instinct and digging the holes is one of the favorite activities. If it is too hot outside, a dog living in the yard starts to look for coolness by digging holes removing layer after layer to lie down in a hole and get rid of overheating.

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    Preparing for the upcoming delivery some bitches dig deep holes, build a den for their progeny. Animals believe that such a shelter will protect newborn puppies from the harsh realities of the world.
    Important! If a bitch did not show interest in digging holes before pregnancy, and before the delivery a dog showed strange behavior show a dog to a vet to eliminate the risk of developing possible diseases and pathologies.
    Dogs that do not leave a yard or sit in cages dig holes because of sexual instinct or commonplace curiosity most often. Digging under a fence, a male dog can smell a bitch in a hunt, so it will do everything to escape. It is also possible that a dog simply wants to explore the surrounding area, find out what is happening outside its yard.

    Other reasons why your dog digs:
    • Curiosity. Dogs are incredibly curious animals that learn the world through smelling. Many gardeners use organic matter, meat and bone meal for fertilizer and this smell attracts dogs.
    • Lack of vitamins. Some plants that grow in the ground can also attract a pet. For example, a dog digs the ground in search of edible roots. Perhaps a dog lacks certain vitamins and minerals and thus it makes up for their deficiency.
    • Boredom is another reason that provokes similar dog's behavior. Dogs do not have enough communication, they suffer from separation anxiety, so they lack the owner's attention in this way.
    • Excess energy. You need to stimulate dog's physical and mental activity. If a dog rarely walks, it has few dog chewing toys, be prepared for the appearance of dug holes in a yard, spoiled flower beds and lawns.
    • Fear and anxiety. Perhaps a dog is anticipating something or reacting to a strong source of irritation in this way. It is possible that something hurts and it attracts your attention.

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     Effective ways to solve the problem of digging holes
     If it is almost impossible to stop hunting dogs from digging holes, then you can teach other dog breeds good manners. But before correcting dog's behavior, be sure to find out the root cause of this phenomenon. First of all, do not allow a dog to walk on flower beds, lawns. To prevent a curious pet from invading a vegetable garden or flower gardens, install low fences from any available material.
So that a dog could see a border beyond which it can’t go, put in front of beds any obstacles, for example, boards, a metal grid, an old hose, large stones. Several times a day make a walk with your doggy together, walk around the fenced areas, praise your pet for good behavior.
    Important! Never use physical force, do not scold, do not yell at a dog. You only aggravate the situation and cause a backlash. The Forbidden fruit is the sweetest. Use reprimand in conjunction with promotion.

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    As soon as a dog decides to dig a hole or decides to walk on flower beds, call a dog and give the forbidden command in a strict tone. If a dog has shown obedience, encourage it with praise or delicacy. As a punishment, as soon as a dog starts digging the ground, use harsh sounds, such as claps, ultrasound, Fisher dog training discs. You can also spray a dog with water from a spray bottle or sprinkle it with a hose.
    The effect of surprise has a great effect on a naughty pet. In some cases, it is permissible to use an electrical impulse (electric dog collars), but consult a dog trainer before using them. If you can’t stop a dog from digging, you have a hunting breed dog, arrange a special area for your pet where it can dig holes. To attract a pet to the right place, dig a hole and place a bone in it. It will attract a pet and add excitement to dig in this particular place. If a dog starts digging the ground in the wrong place, scold a dog and take it to a specially equipped place for this purpose.

    Tips to stop a dog from digging holes:
• intense physical activity;
    • systematic training, training with a cynologist;
    • long active walks;
    • attention, the presence of various interactive dog chew toys;
    • socializing with other dogs;
    • destruction of sources of temptation;
    • extermination of rodents living on the territory;
    • creating a personal area for a pet;
    • providing a cool comfortable shelter.

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    Physical activity will allow a dog to let the energy out. A dog will not feel lonely and won't dig holes on flower beds and lawns because of boredom. Too active dogs can participate in agile, sports competitions. Allow your pet to socialize with other dogs during walking. If a dog constantly digs tunnels under a fence, and you do not plan to involve your pet in planned mating, it is best to castrate a male. A dog will become more calm and it will no longer want to leave a yard.
    In summer put a pool in which a dog can swim,  moisten the fur with cool water periodically and sprinkle a dog with a hose. Place an open-air aviary, place a booth in a shady, cool place or arrange a comfortable rest area under the canopy of trees or under a shed for your pet. Keep a garden and an adjacent area clean. Remove all sources of temptation, for example, bones, treats, scattered in the yard. Exterminate rodents. Working in a fruit or a vegetable garden, do not let a dog watching you. Dogs not only love to dig in the plowed ground, but often imitate the owners. If you have a hunting breed dog, let a dog out of a house or an aviary watching its behavior constantly. If a dog will be engaged in digging holes, give the command "Stop it" or "No" strictly.

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    Tips and Tricks
    If you still can not solve the problem, you can resort to a little trick arranging traps for your pet. Take a dog to a house so that it cannot watch your actions. Dig up several holes of different depths on the territory and put an inflated balloon and some treat, for example, a bone or use other dog repellers that you can buy at pet shops.
    Let a dog out and watch its reaction and behaviour. A burst balloon will clearly frighten a pet and help you to solve the problem of digging holes. Use this method several times until a dog has no desire to dig tunnels and holes in an adjacent area.

    • Fill an adjacent area with stones, pebbles, cover the planting with a garden net, install automatic water sprinklers with built-in sensors that react to movements.
    • To protect a lawn, you can use citrus peels or other dog deterrent odors.
    • If all else fails, seek the professional help. A dog expert will select the best method of weaning your pet and will teach correct behavioral manners.

    Be patient stopping your dog from digging holes. Only the right approach to teaching, constant watching, consistency and perseverance will help in solving this problem .

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