Apartment Dogs Keeping Tips

Apartment Dogs. Best Dogs for Apartments

Before listing the best dog breeds for apartments, we should define, which dog breeds are non-friendly for city dwellers. It is better not keep the following dog breeds in apartments: Central Asian Ovcharka, Alaskan Malamute, Afghan Hound, Sennenhund, Bulgarian Shepherd, Border Collie, Boseron, Dalmatian, Drahthaar, Irish Wolfhound, Irish Setter, Caucasian Shepherd, Cane Corso, Kurzhaar, Pointer, Moscow Watchdog, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Siberian Husky, Shiba-Inu, Erdelterrier, Boerboel.

Caucasian Shepherd

These dog breeds feel uncomfortable in apartments because of their large sizes. Thus, Central Asian Ovcharka may weight about 80 kg.

It is a very large, powerful dog with a dominant temper and vividly emphasized fighting character features. The most comfortable way of keeping of this dog breed is an open-air cage, in moderate climate conditions. Apartments have not enough space for this large dog.

Some of the dog breeds, listed here are not only large, but also have difficult temper. For example, Caucasian Shepherd has also large sizes, as Central Asian Ovcharka, and in addition, they have aggressive temper.

Boerboel dog owners rarely go along without the help of a doctor. Often they have scars left by their dogs for a lifetime. That's why this dog breed is non-friendly for city dwellers and unexperienced dog owners, who live in apartments.


The best dogs for apartments for city dwellers are: Basset Hound, Beagle, Boston Terrier, Brussels Griffon, English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Italian Greyhound, Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Pincher, King-Charles Spaniel, Chinese Crested Dog, Maltese Dog, Mittelschnauzer, Pug, Norwich-Terrier, Papillon, Pekinese, Pomeranian, Miniature Poodle, Toy Poodle, Russian Toy Terrier, Dachshund, Whippet, Zwergschnauzer, Chihuahua, Shi-Tsu, Japanese Chin.


As we can see, the best dogs for apartments are short-haired (English and French Bulldog, Dachshund, Pug, Toy Terrier) or non-moulting (Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier), and have medium or small size. For example, a French Bulldog is a dog breed with short fur and weight from 8 to 14 kg.

French Bulldog is a devoted friend and companion, that does not need a special training. These dogs are quite smart, to understand and keep to the simple rules of common living, that are set at your apartment. French Bulldogs appreciate friendly relationships with their handler, as these are very devoted, loving creatures. That's why they are trained quickly, trying to satisfy their owner and being afraid to disappoint him/her. It is not a service dog, but exactly a good companion, that implies loving and friendly relationships based on equality.

French Bulldog

Dog in apartment

Keeping a dog in apartment implies that it needs regular walking in any weather conditions. Besides toilet hygiene, dog walking several times a day (though, some small dog breeds may have a toilet place in apartment), a dog needs physical exercise and emotional impressions.

If you do not want your apartment to convert into dog toilet, with spoiled furniture by dog teeth and claws, make dog walking often and longer, especially at the periods of female dog heat.

You will need a reliable dog collar and lead for dog walking. It is useful to train a dog to keep calm after walking outside and waiting at the door until you wash its paws.

Multifunctional Leather Dog Lead�Leather Dog Collar 1 In

Complete dog wash is needed no more often, than once a month. Also a dog needs its own place. It should be placed not at a passage, the sources of heating and air conditioning.

You may buy a special dog bed.

A dog plaid is easy to wash in a washing machine when needed. And a dog bed is better to be covered with a rug that is easier to wash and clean.

In the period of heat a dog bed should be covered rubber sheet under a cloth. A dog may wear pants or nappy in these days. The female dog heat happens twice a year and lasts for three weeks.

English Bulldog

It is better to use dry food for dog feeding. It is very convenient for an owner and is the best way for dog feeding. Ready-made food contains well-balanced nutritive elements and vitamins needed for a dog. Buy only quality food of certified producers. But remember, that if a dog is fed by dry food, it needs a lot of water. Let a dog have clean, fresh water constantly.

Buy special bowls for dog feeding. Choose the size, that will place enough food for a dog size and needs.

A very useful kennel accessory for dog care in apartment is a furminator. It helps to get rid of excess, dead fur at moult periods. This device is alike to a brush.

Also you will need a claw clipper to cut dog claws regularly.

dog claw clipper

Once or twice a month you have to clean dog ears with a special treatment, that is available at any pet store.

Any unusual dog behaviour (anxiety, boredom, weakness, apathy) should bother an owner. It is a reason to consult a vet. Otherwise you will miss a serious disorder or dog illness and lose a dog.

Any dog should have its own dog toys - special ropes, squeakers and squeezers, balls and bones to chew, roll and play. It will save your furniture from dog teeth. Puppy may have special chewing needs in the periods of teeth forming and dog chewing toys may help it to manage this problem and save the household things from being spoiled.

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Dog inappropriate urination/defecation in apartment

A dog may 'leave spots' in apartment for many various reasons. That's why at first we need to find out the reason and eliminate it. Only this way it is possible to get rid of this unpleasant dog behaviour.

First of all, consult an experienced veterinarian and make all necessary analyses. Quite possible, that a dog just have caught a cold. If the analyzes are good, think over the frequency and time of dog walking. The more dog is getting tired walking, the less time and will it has for doing silly things.

This way a dog may express its dominance in apartment. To avoid this dog behaviour, at once, when a dog appears in apartment, you should show its place in the hierarchy of your family: a human is higher, a dog is lower. A puppy should be trained to go to a special definite place, covered with a rubber sheet.

Before the first puppy vaccination, as soon as a dog have ate or woke up, take it not outdoors, but on a cloth. As soon as the toilet is done, praise a puppy. If it urinates at inappropriate place, threaten it with a gesture, with a strict voice and bring to the cloth, explaining, that it is the only place where it should make its toilet.

Normally a healthy puppy gets used to a toilet place quickly, and then it will be no problem to train it to a toilet at walking outside (after the first vaccination).

If you have 2 dogs, may be, they just re-marking each other showing this way its dominance over the other. Here the dog behaviour correction and dog hierarchy establishment is needed. If the dogs are of different gender and the female has a heat, a male dog will behave absolutely inadequately. If their separation to different places, rooms does not help, think over female sterilization or male dog castration.

If the listed methods do not help, consult a canine specialist.

English Bulldog

First of all, before taking a dog in apartment, learn the details of the dog breed character, features, individual characteristics and the details of its proper keeping. A dog is not a toy, it is a very serious responsibility for a living being with its own natural needs.

But if you will treat it properly, the happiness, that it will bring you, will be much greater than any problems and efforts for its keeping and training!