Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming Tips and Essentials

Dog grooming implies not only making a dog look pretty. It includes care of dog ears, claws, eyes, teeth and fur of your pet. The most popular dog grooming procedures list includes such hygienic procedures, as dog washing, disinfection of parasites, trimming, clipping, dog eyes and ears treatment and brushing of teeth.
Dog groomers also give essential necessary advices as for dog skin and fur care.

What dogs need grooming?
dog groomingAs a rule, small dog breeds are carefully groomed regularly, as they often appear in public with their owners.
While poodles, terriers, spaniels and shnauzers need regular grooming just to move free.
Dog owners of show dogs and of dogs taking place in dog trials and championships visit dog groomers more often, than the others. With the help of dog grooming equipment professionals easily turn any dog into a charming creature. And a pampered pet achieves all the chances to win.
Unlike cats, who carefully treat themselves and look after their tidiness, dogs require regular grooming. Dog paws and fur becomes dirty after each walking. Dust and mug entangle in dog fur and dog coat actively absorbs smells. Here comes well-known unpleasant smell of an untidy dog.
It is not recommended to eliminate dead fur from dog ears, tail and groin area by yourself. These areas are very sensitive and need care of a professional.

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What do we need to know about dog grooming?

dog groomingDog grooming is a serious stress for a dog. It is compared to a visit of a veterinarian. Some pets even feel depressed after the procedure. But it is quite difficult to make dog grooming by oneself. It requires special dog grooming supplies and skills, experience and knowledge.
A professional groomer knows how to treat a dog to make it feel maximum safe and make it not to be afraid of scissors and clippers. By a clumsy move you are risking to lose the trust of your dog forever.

Why does a dog need grooming?
Dogs need grooming and care as well as people need usual hygienic procedures. First of all, grooming helps to keep a dog healthy, keep its fur glancing, nice and cared.
Remember the moment you have been choosing your pet. You tried to choose the prettiest, the cutest one. Puppies without proper care had a risk to stay without an owner at all. We will not take a risk to pamper a pet who looks untidy or uncared. Proper grooming will make your dog feel, look and be treated the way it deserves, with love and admiration.