How to train your dog to walk on a leash without pulling

How to stop dog pulling on leash? A calm, placid walking with a dog - isn't it a great way to relax and enjoy a spare time? Dog walking allows you to get not only physical exercise, but also to relax your and a dog's mind. Of course such a way to rest is possible only for the reason that your dog does not pull on a leash and does not pull you along the street.

The training of walking rules on a leash are indispensable, even if you practice it not very often. We can show a very simple instance. Once a year a very exemplary dog owner with his dog visits a vet. It is a kind of dog walking on a leash as well. Such quite an unpleasant visit is more calm if your dog is trained to walk on a leash. Of course, while walking you may take a dog in your arms, but only if its sizes allow you to do this. But how can you take a German Shepherd or a Great Dane? That's why we insist on training your pets to dog walking on a leash without pulling. Because only a calm, relaxed walking, without tightening a dog leash every two minutes, allows your dog and you to relax and enjoy fresh air.

How to train a dog to walk on a leash

Before dog training to stop pulling on a leash while walking, we will tell how to train a dog to a collar and a leash. We recommend you to buy a comfortable leather and nylon dog collar that will surely be helpful in dog training and walking. Don't forget to buy a nylon or leather dog lead at once with a dog collar as well.

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Nylon and Leather Dog Collars and Nylon and Leather Dog Leads for comfortable dog walking

How to choose a dog collar? You need to choose a dog collar size, that will be perfectly fit for your dog. A comfortable dog collar should not be loose or tight. It should be exactly as a dog neck size. Watch a dog collar to be not right behind dog ears, or a dog may turn it off easy. By the stage of growing of your dog you need to buy collars of larger sizes.

dog harness to stop dog pulling on leashBefore dog walking, wear a collar on the neck of your dog and watch its actions. The majority of dogs practically do not react to a collar on their neck. But there are dogs of the opposite reaction. Some dogs may feel irritated with a collar on their neck, scrub and try to take it off. But they get used to it quickly and dog walking with a collar will not become an unsolved problem for you. Here is our article How To Train a Dog to a Collar.

When a dog gets used to a collar, fasten a lead to it and let it run with a leash around home. But at the same time you should watch a puppy in the order to prevent its entangling in the lead and injure. When it will not turn its attention to the lead, begin to train it to walk on a lead. With this intention take a lead end and walk after a dog. Your dog will gladly walk all over home looking for something and glancing everywhere.

At the next stage of dog lead training you can start dog walking on a leash outside. At first you should use dog treats as means for leading a dog on a leash and praise your doggy for the right actions, obedience and proper behavior. Use a dog treat for walking a dog out from home outside. Use a dog lead for walking it back home.

How to stop dog pulling on leash

We will give you a couple of advices how to stop dog pulling on leash. You need a dog collar and a several dog treats.

You should decide on what hand you will walk a dog. Many people prefer to walk a dog on the left hand.

You need also to decide which way you will walk a dog.

For example, if you prefer to accompany you while morning jogging or sport walking, you have to train your dog to run by your side. Other way a dog will interfere you and run around.

If you prefer to walk with your dog in a calm relaxed way, its disposition according to you is not so important. The most important is that a dog does not pull on a lead. At first go to a place where nobody would bother you.

Walk with a dog on a leash around some area. Then do this exercise several times: take a lead in your hand and command: Come! and go forward. Once a dog walks with a comfortable pace for you, give a treat and praise.

Repeat this exercise each walking and within 5-6 trainings you will surely get a positive result.

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