How to Use Dog Training Pads

Dog Biting Training Tugs

The use of dog bite tugs are very important part of dog training. Many believe it to be just puppy training tools, but it is wrong. Short dog bite tugs are great help for dog biting and grip training. That's why dog biting pads and tugs are used for training during the whole life of a dog.
Tennis balls are very tough for dog teeth. Dog bite tugs are much better alternative for this purpose. It happens, that a ball beats a head of a young dog by an accident. Then a dog looses a will to train biting further. But if a dog is hit by a tug by an accidence, in general, it happens unnoticed and does not interfere the bite work.

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Our dog bite training tugs are made of the best quality materials - French linen, jute, natural leather, fire hose. French linen dog bite tugs are the most durable and they do not hurt or grid dog teeth down.

Dog bite tugs have various length and width. The choice of a proper size depends on the definite point of training.
small dog bite tugDog biting training of adult dogs always starts from the smallest tugs. They may have one or two handles. For their small size these dog bite tugs give freedom and speed of moves. The best way of work with a small dog biting tug is moving it around your body and legs fast while a dog is trying to catch it. Moves of a tug by sharp and quick pulls makes a dog move fast to catch it. It irritates and encourages a dog to move faster. Long and large bite tugs do not work for this purpose, as well as dogs are too fast. If is too easy to grip a long tug or its handle. Thus, small bite tugs are more efficient and comfortable for this purpose.

puppy biting training tug
Longer bite tugs are used for puppy biting training only. We propose several various sizes. Very young dogs (about 8 weeks) are recommended to be trained with long tugs of smaller width to allow a puppy grip a tug with his small jaws. Puppies of about 6 months age may be trained by larger tugs (for bigger jaws size).

Dog bite training tugs are not intended for dog chewing. They are not to be left with a puppy alone. When dog biting tugs are used for the purpose they are intended, they are very long lasting. When they are left with a dog unsupervised, they may be torn within several minutes.

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