Why Do Dogs Eat Stones?

Why do dogs eat stones?

Dog eating stones, or puppy eating stones is quite a frequent problem, that may happen in the life of your pet. Puppies or young, adult dogs sometimes may get used to eat absolutely strange things like stones, sticks, ground, rubber etc. It is called a perverted appetite and such dog behaviour should be stopped.

Beagle Harness for Small Dog and a BallBut, as far as we know, everything happens for a definite a reason. Dog behavior problem of eating strange objects are often caused by health problems. That's why it is important to get to know and understand the reasons why do dogs eat stones and why definitely your dog eats stones or some other strange objects.

Possible Reasons for Dogs Eating Stones:


  • A dog may lack of important micronutrients, minerals, for instance, calcium;
  • Indigestion of stomach or intestines;
  • Serious disease as diabetes;
  • Illnesses of internal organs;
  • Worms;
  • And others that may be diagnozed by a vet.


Leather Dog Muzzle UK BestsellerThat's why in the first turn it is important to get the dog eating stones to a veterinarian, who will diagnose your pet and discover the real reason of the problem and advice you the methods of its solving. The problem may be really serious for dog's health and life.

Dangers of Dogs Eating Rocks

Even if there is no illness to be diagnosed, the problem of dog eating stones itself does harm to your pet.
A dog or puppy eating stones destroys its teeth, does harm to gums and internal mouth surface, irritates digesting system, stops stomach activity and blocks intestines. It causes a high risk of suffocation.

! In addition to these, a dog consumes a lot of harmful organisms and parasites with stones and rocks.

How to Stop Dog Eating Stones

A dog muzzle may be a temporal salvation to stop your dog eating rocks and pick up from the ground other inappropriate things. But the most iportant is to solve the reason why your dog does it.

Best Dog Toy Ball on RopeReview dog ratio and include useful micronutrients and vitamins. Be more attentive to your pet, exercise regularly, play with him/her, and be active at walking.

Buy interesting dog toys for your pet to distract it from harmful objects. A dog may chew them and it will not do any harm to its teeth and digesting.

Our dog toys are made of natural materials, safe for dogs. There are also dog toys, that even help to massage dog teeth and gums and flavored dog toys to eliminate dog bad breath problem.
But first of all, if your dog eats stones, take it to a veterinarian.

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Author: Julia Bosenko, an experienced manager and customer support ForDogTrainers UK dealing with your needs & questions.