Dog Attack Work Training

Attack of a Muzzled Dog

Goal: to train a dog to attack a person, not equipment. A dog should take a person off his feet to the ground.

For this intention a good plaited dog muzzle is needed. A helper, that plays a role of a 'criminal', must wear a suit made of hard dense fabric, that protects all the body. The need of such a protection suit is obvious: a dog will scratch a fallen down person and it is quite painful.

protection bite suit

Protection Bite Suit

A dog muzzle should be taken on correctly. Before start of the training, make sure that it will not fall off.

A 'criminal' makes a dog angry in its usual manner. When a dog is on the top of aggression, a handler allows a dog by a signal to attack an opponent, holding a dog on a lead. After dog's push a 'criminal' falls (he let's a dog to push him down off his feet). Then he begins a fight with a dog or tries to go away. The first makes a dog to protect, the second - to drive a prey. If everything is going well, a 'criminal' fades and a handler commands "come". It never and in any case is not to be alike with a game. Attack without a muzzle on is especially good with mastiff-like dogs (Rottweiler, Bullmastiff, Pitbull, Amstaff, Cane Corso etc).

attack dog muzzle

Special Dog Muzzle for Attack

Attack with a dog muzzle on may be held on distance too. We prefer to train a dog to this action when a handler is on a close distance, about 3 m.