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Dog Sport, Dog Service and Dog Breeds

Dog sport is various and different. We love our dogs, they are our home pets, best friends, but first of all they are animals, living beings with their own instincts, characters and features. We should not forget that dog need a lot of activity. Some dog breeds are bred for a definite sport or service. What kind of activity is in the nature of your dog, of its definite dog breed, what for it was bred and how to make the life of your dog healthy, natural, active and bright with dog sport? What kind of dog sport for which dog breed is invented?

Sport dog breeds are pointers, setters, retrievers and most of spaniels. We gathered the most popular dog breeds to give them a short characteristic according to their intended use, service, activity and sport.

American Bulldog is a muscular dog and it is perfect for weight pulling dog sport.

american bulldog

Beagle is a very active dog and it needs open air. As any dog breed, it suits for agility.


Belgian Shepherd Malinois is originally a sheepdog, but nowadays widely used for service and as K9 dog. May take part in Schutzhund / IPO.

belgian shepherd malinois

Black Russian Terriers are bred for guard and they perfectly perform this function.


Bobtail is originally a sheepdog, nowadays just a family dog.

Boxer is originally a fight dog and nowadays is used as a guard dog. Achieves the best results in skijoring comparatively to the most dog breeds.


Breton Spaniel is an active dog of medium size and a perfect hunter, family pet that can be a good guard dog.

Briard is originally a sheepdog, may be used also as a service dog.


Bullmastiff bred by cross of mastiff and bulldog for protection and guard service.


English Bull Terrier is originally bred for dog fights. Nowadays a friendly family dog.

english bull terrier

Caucasian Shepherd is an ancient shepherd dog breed. It is a good guard dog. But Caucasian Shepherds may be too aggressive to other dogs and strange people.

caucasian shepherd

Chesapeake Bay Retriever is the strongest and dominating dog breed. These dogs like activity and swimming.

Cocker Spaniel is a nice dog that may be used for hunting and dog shows.

Collie's intended use is as a shepherd dog. It is a very friendly and clever family dog.


Dalmatian is used as a sheepdog, hunting and a service dog.


Doberman Pinscher is a police dog. Dobermans are perfect guard dogs, very devoted to its handler. Best for skijoring dog sport.

doberman pintscher

Dogue De Bordeaux has been put to work in many different capacities, from pulling carts and hauling heavy objects, to guarding flocks and, historically, the castles of the European elite.

dogue de bordeaux

English Springer Spaniel is the largest among spaniels and it is a hunting dog, a family dog and everybody's favorite.

Erdelterrier is a hunting dog for little fowl.

German Shepherd is originally bred as a sheepdog, but now is a service dog breed. Widely used in Schutzhund sport, police, military, search and rescue services. Good in skijoring sport.

german shepherd

German Kurzhaar is a physically strong dog and it is a perfect hunter. It is a sport dog for any competitions. Kurzhaar needs physical activity and training.

Great Dane is a very old dog breed. It was used for hunting wild boar. Great Danes are very friendly with handlers, good guard dogs.

great dane

Hungarian Viszla is a hunting dog of medium size. It is a very active and friendly dog.

Husky, Alaskan Malamute, and mixes of these breeds are originally used for sledding. Since many owners now have Husky dogs as pets in settings that are not ideal for sledding, other activities have been found which are good for the dog and fun for the owner: skijoring, carting, bikejoring, dog scootering, and� dog hiking.

siberian husky akita malamute

Irish Setter is a clever, kind and friendly dog. Irish setter is a perfect hunter.

Irish Terrier is a universal hunting dog. It is a great companion and a guard dog. Irish terrier perfectly adopts for new surroundings and conditions.

Labrador and Golden Retriever is a hunting dog that retrieves, finds and brings fowl. Nowadays mostly family dogs, good guide dogs, sport dogs.

labrador retriver

Mastiff (Sarmatian Mastiff, Italian Mastiff, Cane Corso, Bullmastiff, Boerboel) is one of the most ancient dog breeds. It is a guard and fight dog.

mastiff dog breeds

Mittelschnauzer previosly have been used as a hunting dog and rat hunter. Perfect guard dog.

Newfoundland is a water lifeguard.

newfoundland dog breed

Pitbull is a strong sporty dog breed widely used for weight pulling.

pitbull terrier dog breed

Rhodesian Ridgeback has also been known as Van Rooyen's Lion Dog, the African Lion Hound or African Lion Dog�Simba Inja in Ndebele, Shumba Imbwa in Shona�because of its ability to keep a lion at bay while awaiting its master to make the kill. They are protective of their owners and families. If trained well, they can be excellent guard dogs.

rhodesian ridgeback

Riesenschnauzer is a guard dog and suits for any service. Riesenschnauzer is popular and well does in for skijoring.


Rottweiler previously have been used for hunting wild boar and now it is a guard and service dog.

rottweiler dog breed

Shar Pei is a chinese fight dog, good guard dog, kind and friendly family pet. Shar Pei is very active and needs daily off leash walking.

shar pei dog breed

St. Bernard is a lifesaver in mountains.

st bernard dog breed

Staffordshire Terrier bred for dog fights.


Weimar Pointer is a large hunting dog. This dog needs sport and physical activity.

Zwergschnautser is a family pet and a rat hunter.

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