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Dogue De Bordeaux Information

Dogue De Bordeaux dog breed is a descendent of an ancient guard dog, as well as Neapolitan Mastiff. Both the dog breeds are quite ancient. But here the resemblance finishes. They say this dog has a snout of the Old English Bulldog. It's head is very functional, since it has been a fight dog in the ancient times. Nowadays Dogue De Bordeaux is a brilliant guard dog. Canine beauty is in its functionality. From this point of view Dogue De Bordeaux is quite a nice dog. Dogue De Bordeaux is bred for a super strong grip. Though his snout is not very beautiful, it is able to make quite a cute and amusing face expressions. Though, beauty is a secondary feature for a dog.
Dog De Bordeaux Harness Luxury DesignThe most important is Dogue De Bordeaux character. And here Dogue De Bodeaux is a leader. His tenderness, patience and care for children is unlimited. It is not just patient for them, as most dog breeds, but really loves them and enjoys their company.

Dogue De Bordeaux is dangerous only if it is induced to make an alarm. Generally a one sight at this dog is enough to frighten a thief. But if this dog is to fight, it will never give up. It is the very aim it is bred for. His past is the past of a fighter.

Nowadays Dogue De Bordeaux is involved into the discussion, whether this dog is aggressive and dangerous or not. Some people has extreme intention to eliminate fighting dog breeds. Dogue De Bordeaux is not in the list of these dog breeds, as it is not so popular beyond French borders. But there are people who still consider it to be dangerous and a potential killer.

In fact Dogue De Bordeaux, as well as many other dog breeds with fighting past, is a mentally stable dog, devoted and loyal to its family, with unlimited patience for children. Though as a strong fighting dog previously, it has attacked animals only. Descendents of fighting dogs really preserve some shades of aggression, but show it to other dogs and animals only. Dog is not a machine without a sense and feelings. A dog is a reasonable, thinkable and intelligent living being. Its behavior is corrected and ruled by the owner, as well as a child is educated by parents.

Dogue De Bordeux Puppy Training

Dog Necklace Collar for Dogue De Bordeaux Dogs for Sale

Dogue De Bordeaux will never become dangerous, if trained with love and reasonable portion of persistence. It will become a calm dog, though its freighting look is always impressive. It is not affectionate to other dogs. But if a Dogue De Bordeaux puppy is socialized to other dogs correctly, allowed to play together, it will learn to treat them friendly.

When we talk about a proper Dogue De Bordeaux puppy training, we presuppose quite a little puppy. Naturally dog socialization is effective within the period of 8 till 16th week of life. In this very period a puppy learns to socialize with other family members and learn a proper dog behavior within a pack.

A Dogue De Bordeaux should frequently play with other puppies to perceive them as friends but not enemies. This rule is important to avoid dog fighting in the future, in the adult age.

If a puppy of Dogue De Bordeaux socializes with people and they are allowed to caress it, this dog will never become evil and aggressive. This way Dogue De Bordeaux learn that people are friends. Thus, he will treat people the same way in return. Some people consider, that a friendly dog will not perform functions of a guard dog efficiently. It is wrong. A dog is always alert to strange people naturally. If a strange person enters dog's territory without permission, offends its owner or familiar people, he will get to know the strength of dog's teeth. Dogue De Bordeaux has a strong feeling of its own territory.

But dog strength is limited. You are not to train its aggression to raise a good guard dog. If you wish to have a happy, balanced and at the same time good guard dog, raise it in love and tenderness, in close socialization with people and children. Do not be afraid that a dog will lose its guard features. They will not become weaker. But your dog will be happy and mentally stable, more devoted and reliable.

Dogue De Bordeaux Care

Dogue De Bordeaux is better to be raised close to the owner and his family. Dogue De Bordeaux is a guard dog and it is not to be used as a hound or shepherd. They are bred to be close to a human, to guard and love him. Dogue De Bordeaux function of a guard dog will be realized better if it lives beside the owner. So, a dog should enter the house often. Of course Dogue De Bordeaux size is huge, and as other dogs, it extracts saliva. But friendly dog, that is devoted to the owner and family deserves patience. We do not recommend Dogue De Bordeaux dog breed for people, who are intended to keep a dog outside only. But Dogue De Bordeaux is not to live inside only as well. Its physical strength requires motion, exercises and regular training and walking outside, especially in young age, when the muscles are formed intensively. If the freedom of dog motion is limited, it affects dog muscles development and may cause body disproportion and clumsiness.

It is a pleasure and responsibility to raise a Dogue De Bordeaux puppy. For the heavy body and chest there may develop dog paws deviations. The largest fault is keeping Dogue De Bordeaux in a limited space and overfeeding.

Dogue De bordeaux always needs to have a fresh water source. Do not make a little puppy move too much. All its movements should be voluntary till 4-5 months age. Overloading may make development harder rather than better.

Dogue De Bordeaux is the embodiment of a perfect guard dog. It is bred to serve to a human and feels happy close to people only.

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