What Is IGP Dog Training?

IGP dog training | IGP dog sport

    What is IGP for dogs? IGP (Internationale Gebrauchshunde Prüfungsordnung) formerly known as IPO is a worldwide dog sport that allows to reveal the working potential of a dog and show the teamwork of a dog and its handler greatly.

    Dogs that have passed the highest level in the IGP dog sport competition and participate in national and world championships are highly regarded.

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    The rules developed for IGP dog training are respected and observed by all FCI member countries, therefore, you can pass the IGP (IPO) in any country - diplomas are recognized everywhere.

    To participate in IPG dog sport, a dog must pass BH (Begleitungsprüfung) test that involves part A- obedience test and part B- temperament test.    

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    IGP consists of three phases: tracking, obedience and protection. To get the title of IGP working dog, a dog should pass all three phases in one trial. There are 3 IGP titles: IGP1,IGP2 and IGP3.
    Tracking. In this phase, a dog should track the footsteps (300-800 paces), find dropped articles and indicate their locations to a handler.

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    Obedience. A dog and its handler work on a field. There are exercises including heeling, gun shots, a send out. Sit, stand and drop exercises are also performed. Dog's accuracy is judged in this phase. A dog should show its enthusiasm and interest.

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    Protection. In this part, a judge has a helper who wears a sleeve on an arm. A dog must never bite a helper, unless either a dog or a handler is attacked. A dog must stop biting on the command of a handler and guard a trial helper without further aggression. A dog must show courage and temperament to obey a handler.  If a dog shows fear and lack of control it is dismissed.

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