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Great Dane Dog Breed Information

The Great Dane is the largest dog breed that combines in its regal appearance dignity, strength and elegance with grand size and a well-formed body. It is one of the largest working breeds, it never appears clumsy. The Great Dane was originally bred to hunt deer and wild boar. Great Danes are generally well-disposed toward other dogs, other non-canine pets and humans.
Great Dane dogs are also called charming giants, dog king, or the god of beauty in the canine world. And it is true. Great Danes are really gorgeous, strong, perfectly built dogs. These giants are also called the largest apartment doggies.

Great Dane Dog Breed Origin

Great Dane in fact has nothing to do with Denmark.

Great Dane's ancestor is The Old German Mastiff. The resembling dog breed was bred by Asian tribes in V century. There are also testimonials of alike dogs existing in ancient Rome, Egypt, and even China. The modern Great Dane dog breed is bred in Germany 400 years ago.
Great Dane is originally bred as a hound dog for large prey and as a guard dog. Great Dane is a mix of Mastiff and a Hound. People forget often, that the calm Great Dane temperament hides a powerful guard dog. In medieval times this dog considered to guard from evil spirits.

Great Dane Temperament

In the recent times this dog have lost its aggression, that have been so important for Great Danes as hounds. But nowadays the function of Great Dane is just as a good companion and a family dog. And it really is. Great Danes are lazy bones. They enjoy laying on the sofa. So, it should be quite large. They are home-sitters by their nature.
But their physical strength leaves no doubts in Great Dane origin and original function as a guard dog and hound.
First of all it is about Great Danes height. They are really giant. Great Dane is considered to be the highest dog breed in the line with Irish Wolfhound.
In spite of Great Dane weight and height, this dog is very gracious and elegant.

In spite of Great Dane origin, it is a very friendly, gentle, calm, mentally stable and obedient dog. Great Dane is very devoted to his family and especially to children. Though, a 6 months old Great Dane puppy weigh usually more than a 6 y.o. child. That's why parents should be careful to leave a Great Dane with children. Great Dane is an active dog breed and needs daily walking. But he does not require a great diversity of exercising and training.
Great Dane height in withers is no less 80 cm of dogs and 72 cm of females.
Great Dane weight is to 90 kg.
Unfortunately, Great Dane life span is not long. It is about 7-8 years.

Great Dane Training
Great Dane training is easy and obedient if started at the puppy age. If it is not started earlier, it may be difficult to train an adult dog. The same touches upon other dog breeds training. But as well as Great Dane is a large dog, it needs special attention and careful approach in training.
Great Dane Care
Great Dane is a short haired dog breed. It is not difficult to care for this dog. The Great Dane breeders recommend to use dry shampoo if there is no special need in washing.
Frequent washing negatively affects dog fur.
Use special brush for large dogs. Pay attention to dog claws. They should be short and not disturb a dog in movement. Use dog nail clipper for this procedure. But do not cut them too short to prevent infection.

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