How To Motivate My Dog?

How to motivate my dog

Dog training is a labour-consuming process. It requires not only time, but also patience and will of the owner to achieve positive results.

Dog motivation is important to make a dog try, exercise and succeed. All the actions of dog training should be associated with something pleasant for a dog.

How to motivate my dog?

dog trainingSincere and active interest and active actions of a dog owners are the most important parts of dog motivation to succeed. There is nothing like praise, interaction and communication of the owner for a dog. Of course treats and toys are also important but still the real pleasure for any dog is interaction with the owner. If there is connection between the dog and the owner, a pet will never distract to strangers, running animals around or children. A dog attached to its owner will support any his lead. That's why it is important to spend time with our pets from the very early age, exactly from 6-8 months. Interaction with a dog comprises in interactive games instead of passive rolling a ball at dog walking. You will easy control and lead your dog if it is focused on you in the first turn. It will save you from troubles of barking, pulling, chasing of strangers and animals around.

A focused dog will not be distracted by crowd and noise and you will be able to train it in any circumstances and surroundings.

You are the best motivation for your dog. If you will not train your dog to be focused in various situations and surroundings it will be easily distracted by any stranger or suddenly appeared squirrel in bushes.

We may motivate a dog by treats. But excess of treats will not give positive results. If a dog gets used to such a kind of motivation it will deny to exercise without treats. Treats are to be given as prizes only, i.e. a pet should make an exercise and only then get a treat but not vise versa, to get a treat and do anything you want.

Verbal praise is also a good way to motivate your dog. They should be short and pronounced in a pleased voice "Yes!", "Great!", "Good boy/girl!". But the verbal motivation itself is weak. It should be supported by other means as well.

dog gamesSome pets like games with their owner the most and the game itself is the best prize for some dogs. Interactive play strengthens relationships of a dog and its owner. That's why dog training is efficient if realized in a playful manner. Exercises are to be interesting and short. Dog motivation lays in creation of atmosphere where your dog will be interested to stay and enjoy exercises.

Caress is one more way of efficient motivation. Any dog likes caress on tummy and scratching behind ears. That's why it is great to prize your dog with caress after successful training.


It is difficult to succeed in dog training with one type of motivation only. That's why confirm dog success by a nice word, caress and a treat. The most efficient type of motivation depends on each individual dog.

Each motivation should be given at once after an exercise, within several seconds after it is finished. Other way a dog will not understand its purpose. Always encourage dog right actions and do not punish for wrong ones.

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