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Quality leather dog leads are the first need for all dogs. Try the best leather dog training leads UK of any kind and for any purpose.
We produce police dog leads and dog walking leads for daily use. Do you know where do police get dog leads from? We have many police departments in the list of our regular customers. We are proud that they choose us as a relied supplier.
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We will help you with glad and try our best to keep you 100% satisfied with your purchase.
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Try our bestsellers:

The Best Agitation Dog Collar with Handle | Large Leather Collar Handmade Royal Nappa Padded Leather Dog Collar Padded Dog Collar Perfect Royal Design | Soft Dog Collar Braided Dog Collar for Large Dog | Leather Dog Collar Bestseller
All the models of our leather leads are made of materials of high quality, handcrafted, reliable snap hooks of famous German TM Herm Sprenger, original rivets, decorative elements, exclusive design, rich choice of sizes and leather colors. Many of our models of leather dog leads are multi-finctional: may be used as walk dog leads, training leads, hunt leads, leads for show, dog leads for service and police dogs.

Look at our bestseller Leather Dog Lead for Dog Training | Walking Dog Lead:



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What Dog Lead to Buy?

Here we will tell about dog leads types, features and intended use. The choice of this essential dog accessory should be serious. It may seem, what is important in a choice of a dog lead - it is just a lead! So, if you don't care of your dog - this type of attitude is normal. But it you do - let's view this daily dog accessory closer.

Leather Care Tips. Leather Dog Muzzle, Collar & Harness Care

Leather is one of the most pleasant and natural materials for dogs as well as for us, people. It does not cause allergy, in the hot weather it does not overheat, and in frosty - does not freeze through. Here we will tell how to keep leather soft, looking new and make its service longer.


Dog walking includes a lot of positive moments: physical exercise, relax your and a dog's mind, pleasant being in the nature. Of course such a way to rest is possible only for the reason that your dog does not pull on a leash and does not pull you along the street as a barge. How to make your daily dog walking pleasant and calm - read here.

What Length Should a Dog Leash Be?

What does a dog feel at walking? Is the way you walk your dog comfortable for your pet? How to choose a dog leash and what length should a dog leash be? Define a proper lead length for a comfortable, natural and pleasant dog walking for both the handler and the dog.

Retractable Dog Lead Versus Usual Dog Walking Lead

What is the best dog leash for running. Here we will compare a retractable dog leash vs usual dog walking leash.

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