Why does a Dog Need a Collar?

Dog Collars

If you've decided to buy a dog, the firs accessory you are to purchase should be a dog collar or a lead for your dog. Dog collar and dog lead set is an indispensable assistant while your pet's training. Choosing of this necessary dog training equipment seems simple for the first sight. But take enough spare time and money while going to buy it - and then the process of dog training or walking will bring joy for you and your pet. Inappropriate dog collar can become a huge obstacle for proper dog training and cause discomfort and even pain to your four-legged friend. If the choice of dog collar has become for you a vital question - read this article to the end and you will find out how to choose a proper dog collar for your pet.

A collar for each dog

Never buy a dog collar without taking into account its individual features: size, character, age etc. Some dogs need choke collars, others - martingale collars, some dogs - fixing dog collars.

Dog collars with buckles fit perfect for all well-trained dogs, but watch it not to tight dog neck. Dog collars of this type should have a definite sign containing all necessary information about a dog.

A collar that possesses choke action for a dog is a correction dog collar. Choke effect acts when an owner pulls a dog lead closer or when a dog is trying to run forward or escape. If you choose such type of dog collar, you should know: these dog collars negatively affect spinal cord. As the result, some dogs become aggressive. Take such dog collar off if there is no need at a definite moment. A dog needs relief from tensity. There are many cases of dog suffocation caused by choke collars when owners do not keep an eye after them (at home or at off-leash walking).

If you have an aggressive or active dog, a half-choke or martingale collar will fit for it perfectly. It is easy to control dog actions with the help of this supply. Dog collar controls its had and the body follows the head automatically. At first dogs act with irritation in this collar, but they get used to it after some time and become more obedient.

Two the most necessary items for a dog - a dog collar and a dog lead

There is no doubt that each dog needs a collar and a leash. They help a dog owner to control a dog outside and train a dog. A dog collar and a dog leash should not be too large, perfectly fit dog sizes and satisfy its needs.

A dog lead in a set with a dog collar serves also a necessary communication tool between a dog and its owner. A dog lead and leash set lets a dog better find itself in densely crowded human streams and transport.

dog collar and leaddog walking lead

There are many criteria of proper dog lead choosing. We will stop at some important of them. They are intended use, materials and size of the definite dog breed. For example, for training they choose dog lead no more than 1,8 m long and from 0,5 in (for small dog breeds) to 0,8 in (for middle and large dog breeds) wide.

dog rope leadnylon dog lead

Dog harness

If you care of your dog comfort and safety, the equipment for your pet should contain also a dog harness - it is a well-designed dog supply that repeats do chest structure and does not tighten it when a dog is pulling. Dog harness does not clench dog neck and evenly distributes loading without spinal cord hurting. At our online dog store for dog trainers you will find dog harnesses for small dogs, medium and large dogs, dog harnesses for weight pulling, decorative spiked, studded and soft nappa padded dog harnesses. Dog harness is a part of necessary dog training equipment of your pet of the same importance as a dog collar.

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