How to Train a Dog and a Puppy?

Healthy Dog Activity

If you wish your puppy to grow healthy it needs physical activity and games with puppies and adult dogs. The complex of physical exercises for dog training at the puppy age should obligatory include short distance jogging (40 - 60 yd) and running race with the owner. Further add power training, throwing of balls, sticks, active coming up to the owner with a command "Come!".

Here you will learn which dog training games fit the best for dog physical development, how to train a healthy dog, and what kind of loading is useful for a puppy training from the first months of life.

healthy puppy training

Dog training games at walking
Ball for Outdoor Games with Your Dog, Football StyleDog training games at daily walking is the best way to give physical loading for a dog since the first months of life.
It is recommended to make regular 1-2 hours long dog walking in the woods or park zone 3-2 times a day.

Since 5 months old walking is to be made 4-5 times a day, including one basic walking 2-3 hours long. Basic training should include dog running along straight flat field and one with obstacles (hills). A dog should run from the owner 50-100 yd far. The other shorter walks are for speed training, tracking, socialization and games with other dogs.

dog walking and training

Physical training of dogs of 6-8 months old
At the puppy age of 6-8 months physical training should be increased. For example, in winter you may use skiing. At first a dog owner should move slowly (3-4 Mph), slide down various heights (speed increases to 6 Mph). Physical loading increases gradually each day (speed and duration of walking).

Power training for dogs of 9-10 months old
Super Strong, Indestructible Dog Toy for Fetching, LargeDog power training starts since 9-10 months. For instance, get a heavy stick and throw it 15-20 yd far. A dog is sent to bring the item 5-10 times.

At dog age of 10 months your pet requires 2-3 trainings of 2-3 hours long. In summer you may throw items into water for your dog to bring it (5-10 times 10-15 yd from a bank). Exercise active dog games, active running, jumping and running through obstacles.

Dog training since 1.5 year old

Large Dog Frisbee Disc for Active Games OutsideDog training methods change since 1.5 years old. The number of walks becomes less, but the volume, intensity grows. Use such dog exercises as running upwards, jumping through barriers, pits, jumping up to some objects, frisbee. Dog training may include running by your side while cycling 2-3 miles long.

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