Dog Training Tips for Professionals, TOP 10

Professional Dog Training Equipment, Recommended by Our Dog Store

For the solid 20 years of experience the Fordogtrainers company produces professional dog training equipment. Our specialists constantly improve it according to the needs and recommendations of experts. Our dog training tools are tested and approved by police dog schools, military departments and professional dog trainers. Based on the recommendations of professional dog trainers, we would like to represent the 10 of top professional dog training equipment. We hope it will help you with the choice and make dog training more efficient and comfortable!

professional dog trainign equipmentLeather Dog Collar with Handle

Professional dog training collar is made of 2 ply leather, reliably stitched and well-done for reliable use in active session conditions. Cast D-ring and handle are key features to make this dog collar maximum functional. This leather dog collar is the bestseller for K9 dogs, Schutzhund training and IPO trials.

Leather Dog Collar with Handle | Large Dog Collar German Shepherd Collar UK | German Shepherd CollarsBestsellers! Dog Leather Collar with Handle for Belgian Malinois Boxer Collar with Handle | 2 Ply Leather Dog Collar for

dog training equipment New Nylon Dog Harness Bestseller

Strong and reliable dog harness is a required element for dog training with comfort and control. With this nylon dog harness you will be able to train your dog in any weather.

New Nylon Dog Harness | Nylon Dog Harness Bestseller ★ Dog Belgian Malinois Harness | Dog Harness with Handle for
Sale Dog Harness for German Shepherd | Walking Dog Harness for
Sale Great Dane Training Dog Harness | Strong Dog Harness

professional dog training lead Police Dog Lead Best Choice

Professional dog trainers recommend to use natural leather dog lead of 2 cm width, that is reliable to handle a strong dog. This police dog lead is comfortable for dog walking, training and tracking. Leather dog lead is handmade, equipped with handle. Reliable braided connections are fixed with brass rivets.


Multi-Functional Dog Lead 6 in 1

The best decision of dog lead for multipurpose use! It is a very comfortable and relaible tool for dog training, walking and tracking. Learn how to use all its functions.

Leather Dog Lead Bestseller | Multi-Functional Dog Lead 2
cm UK leather dog lead

The Best Dog Muzzle for Winter Training

Try this advanced dog basket muzzle with rubber-covered wire to protect your dog from freezing and skin burning in frosty weather.

Perfect protection for a strong dog! Our dog muzzles are individually designed to suit specific snout form of a definite dog breed.

Best Dog Muzzle for Winter Covered With Rubber Large Dog Muzzle for Cane Corso | Cane Corso Muzzle
Rubberized German Shepherd Muzzle for Training in Winter | GSD Muzzle Dog Muzzle for Amstaff Rubberized Wire | Safe Muzzle for

Leather Dog Muzzle for Police Dogs

Our advanced dog muzzle with metal plates inside, reliably stitched and padded is super strong for agitation, K9 dogs and protection dog training. It is a top dog muzzle for working dogs.

Leather Dog Muzzle for Police Dogs | K-9 Dogs Muzzle New
Model Working Dog Muzzle for GSD | Strong Dog Muzzle for
Agitation K9 Dogs Muzzle for Rottweiler Training, Attack and
Agitation K9 Muzzle for Large Dogs | Caucasian Shepherd Training

dog training muzzledog training equipment Dog Training Muzzle Black Rubber Covered | Padded Dog Muzzle

Get super protection and comfort for your dog in winter with this padded dog muzzle. Wire of this dog muzzle is rubber-coated. In addition, the basket is lether padded. Dog training muzzle provides a dog with perfect ventilation. A dog breathes free, pants and barks muzzled. This padded dog muzzle is recommended for winter training.

dog training equipment Dog Bite Sleeve, Advanced

Dog bite sleeve is regularly used at Schutzhund trials, IPO events and championships and recommended by professional dog trainers for dog training. Train your champion dogs with high qulaity, safe, strong and durable dog bite sleeve.

Dog Bite Sleeve, New Revolutionary Dragon Bite Protection Sleeve PS200, UK Revolutionary 2013 dog bite sleeve dog bite sleeve

dog training equipment Schutzhund Dog Training Sleeve, Short

Handmade dog bite sleeve is recommended for military and police dogs. It has three stages of regulation for bite training. Dog bite sleeve is equipped with 2 comfortable handles. Use it for young and adult dog training.

Schutzhund Dog Training Sleeve, Short dog bite sleeve with jute coverbite sleeve with linen coverdog bite sleeve in action

dog bite pad Dog Bite Pad Jute with 3 Handles

We recommend this natural jute bite pad with 3 comfortable handles for training of puppies and young dogs. It is easy to hold by one or both hands for dog prey drive and motivation.

Author: Julia Bosenko, experienced manager and customer support ForDogTrainers UK dealing with your needs & questions.