Transporting A Dog. Dog Transporting Rules And Advices

Transporting a dog by bus, tram, train: rules of dog transporting

Author: Julia Dogtrainer

Date: 08/29/2013

Category: Dog Training

Going to the vet or to dog training ground, a journey to a dog show or competitions, visiting friends with your dog - all these situations constantly appear in the life of a dog owner and frequently we have to use public conveyances to get to the place we need with our pet. Some people prefer to go by their own cars, but here we should also train a dog to definite rules of dog behavior in a transport. If your car is on repair and you need to go far, there is one way - to buy a ticket and use public transport. How to make a journey with your dog calm and without troubles?

What are the rules of behavior with a dog when you are going by city or suburbs bus? Oh, it is a real science and we will teach you the most important rules to make your pet get used to it and behave well. So...

  • A dog should get used to any kind of transport gradually and from as much early age as possible.

  • Any proper behavior and action of a dog should be promoted with a treat and praise. Be generous with praising your dog, but the dog should deserve it.

  • Do not force your dog to go by public transport.

  • A dog must wear a collar and be on a short leash while transporting. A dog must be trained to wear a muzzle.

  • It is better to come into a transport with a dog from a back door. Coming out is released through the closest doorway to you. It is better to prepare for coming in and out of transport ahead.

  • Inside the transport conveyances make your dog sit by your side the way it will not disturb passers-by and people near you. A dog should not close the pathway and entrance/exit.

  • A dog owner must control and be ready to any situation. A dog must be calm and obedient.

  • If a transport item is overcrowded, you'd better wait for the next bus/tram/train or choose a more spare carriage.

  • Avoid conflicts with the other passengers. There are a lot of people afraid of dogs and they are not sure that your dog is not aggressive, vaccinated and obedient. It is better to move to another bus/train/tram or carriage than to set a quarrel that will not get any positive result and spoil your time and mood.

  • You should constantly look for your dog's safety at stations and on the road, in the transport to avoid its injures.

  • Avoid transporting your dog in rush hours and by crowded transport. Take into account the weather conditions.

  • Before the journey think and plan the route over from the start to the finish points, the kinds of transport and time it will take.

Comments. A dog should be trained to get used to transportation from the age of 4 months. It should and must be trained to proper behavior in public transport and in public in general. It will help you to raise a calm dog and to transport it in your car without problems as well. A dog should get used to crowd, noise and still be calm and obedient, not get irritated or scared.
At first come to the station, walk around, let a dog get used to the noise and crowd. Then stop and wait for a bus. Let a bus (train, tram) go by. Then try to go by bus one station, than two, three... Gradually prolong the time of dog's being in a transport day by day. In a fortnight a dog will get used to your regular journeys and will behave calm in a transport and at the stations. Praise and encourage your dog each time it behaves correctly. If a dog feels positive emotions it wants to go by transport again.
Coming in a transport hold a dog ahead of you and coming our a little bit behind or close by your side. It will secure your dog from injures while coming in/out.
Be careful with electric transport, especially in wet weather.
Use stairs when possible. Automatic elevators are more dangerous. Train your dog to be patient and calm.
Remember, any journey with your dog, far or not, should be carefully planned and prepared. If your dog is not ready and not trained to such conditions, it is better to leave it at home.
Do not be afraid of difficulties and everything will be fine!

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