Dog Training "No" Command

Dog Command "No"

Dog Training Ball on RopeAnd, of course, basic dog commands for any dog is "No" and "Off". Though these two commands perform one function - a strict prohibition to do something, there is a slight difference between them. The command "Off" is told strictly, it should frighten a dog, discourage the animal from any desire to do anything. As for the comman "No" it is a more common variant that prevents undesired action of a dog. To be clear: "Off" is a serious prohibition, "No" is in all other cases.

How to train a dog to prohibition commands? It is not difficult. The main rule is to let your dog understand that you are strongly unsatisfied with its behavior. For example, your dog took your slipper and tries to make its life no so long as you supposed :) Come strictly to the dog and tell with a distinct and sharp voice tell "No". The command is to sound the way to make a dog not only drop the slipper off, but also "stay speechless", dumbfounded for some moments. Another case: you are walking along the street and your pet is trying to pick up a "delicious" dead rat, so lays so tempting at the wayside. Command "Off" and pull the leash. A dog will try to come to its prey again. Repeat the command and pull the leash once more. Then it is better to step to another pathway.
We'd like to underline may be the most important to avoid in training your dog to the commands "No" and "Off" - do not praise and do not give treats to a dog as it is made in another cases. Thus, praise is excessive here. A dog is to understand that if it hears the command "No"/"Off" it goes without saying that the action is to be stopped immediately or it may be punished.

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