Into the Wild Dog Walking: 5 Harmful Effects

Safe Dog Walking: Avoid Dangerous Behavior

Dog owners enjoy going to the country. And with a great pleasure they take their pets with them. It is necessary to be aware of some particular rules for dog being in nature.

Note: being a dog's master and friend, a person is responsible for pet's safety, behavior and any incidents. It is important to understand what dangers pet can run into while walking in the wild. A dog can harm the environment by its actions or accidentally.

Leather Dog collar for Walking BullmastiffDogs harm nature

Wildlife is astonishing till a human interferes and spoils it. At present, it's difficult to find in the world a corner of the land, untouched by civilization. There are parks and forests, where the only neat path is trampled, and the pristine view spreads around. A domestic pet can harm wild beauty.

In order not to frighten wild animals, not to trample on foliage and grass, not to spoil the bark of trees, it is important to think about your hike with the dog in advance. Be sure to take a leash and a muzzle, even though your canine is calm. It's more reasonable to choose a short dog leash to keep the pet alongside and not allowing him to run around. You'd better pick up a scoop and sachets for excrement.

It is important to understand that loud dog barking can scare away animals and birds living in a wild nature. Think about whether your pet will cope with emotions. Perhaps it's better to leave a loud pet at home. Surely the best option is to train canine from his puppy age, so that he can follow your commands and keep calm. You can safely visit any park without being a nuisance.

Wire Dog Muzzle for German ShepherdDogs can kill

It sounds eerily, dog owners will engage in polemics, but it is important to understand that many dogs are created for hunting. Instinct lurks inside and is able to suddenly manifest itself. It's not about canine and human, of course. Dogs are happy to hunt birds and small animals, at times they can drive a large animal.

What ends the hunt? The result is mining. If we consider the situation sensibly, it is clear that the killing of an element of wildlife is takes place! In some areas, such case is not punished, yet in reserved parks hunting is strictly prohibited. If a dog hunts in a city park and brings a prey, it will shock children and adults around. The owner is responsible for the canine's behavior, and obliged to maximize the control.

Here again, you cannot do without a dog muzzle and a leash. Walk your doggie on a short leash if there are people and animals nearby. A long and retractable leash is appropriate in a special park, where it's allowed to let dog off leash, leaving it just in a dog muzzle and collar. So a four-legged fellow will not cause trouble.

Hazardous waste is dog food

 Fury pets are fed with ready-made or natural food. Dog holders do not recommend mixing options, although this advice is rarely to stop people. Even a full-fledged ready-made feeding can harm the environment, it is better to spend time and prepare useful and natural nutrition for your pet.

 Studded dog harness for American BulldogPet food causes harm on the environment:

  • Owners feed dogs with ready-made dog food. Food for mongrels, mestizos, pedigreed puppies is often chosen less expensive than for dogs of extra-premium class.

  • While digestion food is digested, requiring an outlet for further decomposition. So during the next walk a dog will search for a secluded place to cope with his need and instill of excrement.

  • Some pets dig in feces, others dig in a bit with ground, sand or leaves, while there are escapees who do not hide them at all. A dog owner must remove excrement in a special package and dispose of it in an urn, but how many do so? Dog feces remain on the ground!

  • This is not a natural fertilizer, it does not benefit to the soil. The Environmental Protection Agency EPA equates dog food and excrement after feeding to the category of insecticides and poisons as they content a lot of pathogens and bacteria, negatively affecting the turf.

Wild animals and pets

Not only dogs are dangerous! Nature hides a great number of dangers for people, civilization and pets. First of all, it refers to wild animals. Of course, you will never meet a wild animal in a city park among the urban buildings, but there are strong wild boars, hungry bears and fearful moose living in the forest. Having seen the danger from afar, the animals are frightened, they can become aggressive or decide to protect their territory or family. The human is at risk of attack.

If a wild beast attacks a beloved doggie, you will just pray for pet's unscathed escape. A miracle happens infrequently. There are known more cases of injuries and death of dogs. Would you endure such grief, realizing that you are the fault of the inability to save your four-legged friend.

Nature can be dangerous

Leather dog lead with handle for MastiffA dog is not always safe alongside a person, especially in a wild environment. Often the difficulty lies in a dog's disorientation. A dog can get scared and run away, such often happens in urban conditions. Any loud sound, a large animal, an unusual environment can cause a puppy and even an adult canine to get scared. Instinct causes a dog to flee, thereby a dog owner has to look for a pet.

To find a dog in a wild environment among the thickets is extremely difficult, as well as it's difficult for a dog to survive there. He needs to find food, water and stay unharmed. He can get injured by branches and dangerous plants. A puppy may need urgent treatment!

Again, you keep a muzzle and leash at hand. Your pet may not like them, but it's a guarantee of staying unharmed. You could not be absolutely sure that the dog will follow you unswervingly. Otherwise, you will get lost and panic from confusion.

After the walk, be sure to examine the body and paws of your canine. If there are any even small injuries, burrs or bloodsucking insects, visit a vet immediately! Do not forget to clean pet's fur from dust and dirt, sometimes bathe your dog.