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Belgian Shepherd MalinoisBelgian Shepherd Malinois Dog Breed Information

In Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and other European countries, as well as in the United States, Canada and Australia, the Malinois is bred primarily as a working dog for personal protection, detection, police work, search and rescue, and sport work. Belgian Shepherd Malinois dog breed was developed in the city of Malines, where it received its interesting name.
There are 4 variations of Belgian Shepherd dog breed: long-haired Groenendael, long-haired Tervuren, short-haired Malinois and wire-haired Laekinois. Only the Laekinois is not recognized by the American Kennel Club.
All these 4 variations of Belgian Shepherd are intentionally bred to point out various characteristics of this dog breed. Though they differ in appearance, they are still identical in temperament, physical and mental abilities.
Belgian Shepherd TervurenBelgian Shepherd dogs have perfect sense of smell and high intelligence, that makes them good guard dogs. They are friendly, attached to their owner and tender with children.
Belgian Shepherd Training
In the order to understand the Belgian Shepherd temperament the owner should use all its senses and attention. Good relationship of a dog and an owner are very important for successful Belgian Shepherd training. It is more important Belgian Shepherd dog, than for any other dog breed. Belgian Shepherd is very sensitive to the owner attitude, mood and character.
Nowadays Belgian Shepherd has the function of a guard dog. But deep inside it has a spirit of a shepherd, that followed sheep at Belgian grasslands.
Before the decision to get a Belgian Shepherd puppy home, you should consider a row of questions. Harmonious being of a Belgian Shepherd dog needs a lot of attention, time and free space. The you should decide the function of the dog it will be trained for. In any case, the best way is to consult an experienced Belgian Shepherd dog breeder. Ideal age to take a puppy home is 10-16 weeks. It is the age when it is allowed to make injections to a puppy. And it is the age when a puppy is able to perceive training.
Belgian Shepherd may become a perfect guide dog. But for its perfect understanding, intelligence and many-sided character it may become a perfect show dog, a reliable guide dog for visually impaired people and a devoted family friend.
Belgian Shepherd Puppy training is challenging. The first months a puppy needs more rest. Do not disturb its rest, avoid to overload it with physical exercises, long walking and games. First of all a puppy should remember its name, get used to walk on a leash and to a toilet at the same place once and ever. The name should be simple and sound. While growing a puppy will associate its name with caress and attention. At this stage do not call a dog by name if making a remark as for its bad behavior or a wrong action, while feeding etc. Other way a puppy would not perceive its name, as well as it is associated with unpleasant emotions.
Never use methods of inducing while Belgian Shepherd puppy training. Try to persuade and talk to a dog instead.
Belgian Shepherd Care
Belgian Shepherd dog is not to be washed frequently. Frequent use of shampoo may damage dog fur and it will lose its characteristic hardness and tarnish. Belgian Shepherd coat is not to be too glossy and silky. Use minimal amount of a shampoo for dogs.
Avoid washing of puppies until they are 1 year old to prevent them catching a cold.
Dog CombBelgian Shepherd coat needs regular dry brushing. Use a dog comb with rare teeth to avoid tearing out of undercoat hair. Coat is to be brushed slowly and in the direction of hair growth only. A dog brush should be hard by not too thick.
Adult dog needs brushing once a week, a puppy - twice. Never cut fur of Belgian Shepherd. It will get unnatural shape and will not grow till the needed length again.
Clean dog eyes, nose and ears with a cotton swab moistened with warm water.
Belgian Malinois TrainingBelgian Shepherd likes walking and motion. It needs space. Provide a dog enough space to move outside with a shelter to protect from sun and rain.
Our dog shop represents different equipment for Belgian Malinois training. One can find here suitable Belgian Malinois harnesses (nylon harness or leather harness for Malinois), Belgian Malinois Muzzles (wire muzzle or leather muzzle for Malinois), Belgian Malinois Leads or Leashes (nylon or leather dog leashes for Malinois) , Belgian Malinois collars (leather collars and nylon collars for Malinois) and so on. If you do not find anything for your dog, than contact us and we will recommend and find an appropriate Belgian Malinois supplies.

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